2015 saw some of the best brand activations from two of Bacardi’s pioneer festivals.

Bacardi has successfully proven this year that brand activations can be exponentially fun and immersive for attendees. From the adorable Jug-Mug-Pug buckets to the sensory delight that is OCULUS, Bacardi truly kicked it out of the ball park this time. Here are The Sherp’s picks of best brand activations seen at Bacardi NH7 Weekender and Bacardi Enchanted Valley Carnival.


The Bacardi OCULUS

This time the Weekender flea market came with newer and cooler brand activations that actually vigorously engaged festival punters. Take for example the Bacardi OCULUS, a 5D roller-coaster Virtual Reality tour of the whole venue that had people from all ages and walks of life hooked. An exclusive Bacardi feature, this enhanced festival experience and made for a great activity for all attendees.

bacardi thing

(Image Via: Bacardi Facebook)



The Big Red Bucket

Have you ever been so overwhelmed with Weekender joy, that you wished you could have an aerial view of it all to soak it in, in entirety? Sure, there is the ferris wheel, but if you’re wishing for a grander seat, then hop on for a view on the Bacardi Bucket Seats. As the name would suggest, modeled on the alcohol bucket you love sporting are giant Bucket Seats around the Bacardi Arena, that you can climb onto for some airy moments of fun, while holding onto your personal bucket. Bucket-ception right there! With spiral staircases that lead you right to the top, the Bacardi Seats would definitely be the new favourite hanging spot for Weekender fans! Not only do these serve as great aesthetic installations, but also give a kickass view to the stage and beyond.



(Image Via: Bacardi NH7 Weekender/Facebook)


Jug, Mug & Pug

Last year, Bacardi came up with an idea, that was not just an instant hit with the fans, but also a laudable move from their end. In a bid to go plastic free, Bacardi introduced the aluminium alcohol mugs last year. Fans at the festival can grab onto their own Bacardi mug that comes with a clipper, and not just use it throughout the festival, but they can also take it home as a souvenir. Plus, when you’re not drinking, it can be fancily clipped on to your bag, or your pants. It’s a double whammy, if you ask us. You’re serving your bit for the environment, and you get your own Weekender relic.


(Image Via: Bacardi NH7 Weekender/Twitter)


The Happily Unmarried Merch

The Bacardi Store, powered by popular, kitschy online lode Happily Unmarried, brings to you a wealth of humour, in fun merchandise items, all ready to be bought. When walking away for a break from the stage, indulge your funny bones at the store which will display a range of t-shirts and other artefacts such as bar accessories, visiting card holders, bags, notepads, and many more, all curated for the quintessential Bacardi fan. There will be hilarious, whimsical, not to mention really attractive goodies. You wouldn’t be too sorry spending too much time there (or too much money), trust us on that.


The Ferris Wheel 

One of the most immersive brand activations seen at Bacardi NH7 Weekender in Pune, that has now become of the one defining aesthetic factors of the festival, is the Ferris Wheel. Giving attendees a great view of the festival, and maintaining that carnival-like aura, this was an immensely fun addition to the festival.

ferris wheel


(Image Via: msshinyshorts.wordpress.com)


The Bacardi Bat Installation 

As one entered the massive grounds of Bacardi Enchanted Valley Carnival, past the Akva and Pyro stages loomed the recognizable Bacardi Bat. One of the greatest installations, along with the Bacardi Seats and the Ferris Wheel, this gigantic structure was visible from almost any point in the festival arena.


(Image Via: Jeethendra Saran | Festival  Sherpa)


The Bacardi Seats

The red inflatable seats issued by Bacardi were probably one of the most popular brand activations at both Bacardi NH7 Weekender and Bacardi Enchanted Valley Carnival. It was a great way to make sitting space for your crew, and even made for great floats when tossed around over the crowd. Many of these were seen carried by attendees too fond to let go.


(Image Via: Jeethendra Saran | Festival  Sherpa)


The Hot Air Balloon

Massive and almost enchanting, Bacardi’s hot air balloon served as a magical backdrop each time you looked at the sky. Lighting up the Aamby Valley skies at BEVC, this hot air balloon was not only picturesque, but also an engaging activity for all the festival goers. For a small fee, you could board the hot air balloon, and get a stunning view of the venue. Bacardi truly outdid themselves this time.

hot air balloon

(Image Via: Jeethendra Saran | Festival Sherpa)