Festival security miscommunication can lead to some pretty drastic consequences, as was evident from what happened at the Backwoods Music Festival in Oklahoma.

An EDM/rock duo called FYER, which is lead by Skrillex’s brother Bobby Duque, were barraged by a security team member as they were leaving the venue on Sunday. This altercation escalated, resulting in the security member attacking FYER’s tour manager with a knife, requiring him to rush to the hospital to get stitches. Although FYER revealed that they had caught the entire incident on video, they were advised by their management and legal council not to make it public.

11402792_907856019256079_3619310355861925031_n(Image Courtesy: Ricardo Romero/FYER/Facebook Page)

FYER then posed on their Facebook page, narrating the horror story and announcing that they were cancelling their set.

“Unfortunately FYER will not be performing today at BackwoodsFestival as previously scheduled. Last night upon leaving the festival grounds to return to their vehicle, attempting to simply go back to their hotel to get some much needed rest for today’s performance, the FYER artist and film crew were assaulted by an overly aggressive security staff member, for no just cause whatsoever. This assault culminated with the FYER tour manager being sliced on the arm with a blade wielded by said officer, requiring hospitalization in the ER and several stitches. For this reason FYER believes it is best to withdraw from today’s performance. FYER apologizes to the fans at Backwoods Festival for these unfortunate circumstances, but the safety of the FYER crew and artists are first and foremost. Video footage of the complete assault was recorded but is being withheld temporarily due to the recommendation of management and legal council. Once again, FYER would like to apologize to all of their fans who were looking forward to seeing the show today. We look forward to being able to perform for you all at a later date, and in much friendlier and safer circumstances.”