Evoking the transcendent spirit of India in Northern Germany, this festival will make you forget about all your earthly worries.

We’ve seen a plethora of psy-trance festivals over the last couple of years and very few successfully project the dreamy authenticity trance music invokes. Indian Spirit Festival, Heiligengrabe, is one of them. This festival is as non-commercial as can be and extremely attendee-friendly. Unbelievably reasonable and with a stunning backdrop, this festival isn’t the most unique, but is substantially well-organized and well-rounded. Here are a few things you must know about Indian Spirit Festival.


“Indian Spirit represents the hot-bed of unity, where trancers go to let loose, hang free and become one,” says Mushroom Magazine. One of the fundamental highlights of the festival is, indeed, the spirit. The festival is a immersive cauldron of liberated thoughts and friendly smiles. This is where people come together to appreciate and bask in the glow of what they love– music. If you’re looking to go off the grid and enjoy some great music and happy vibes, this may just be the place for you.


The festival naturally features an incredible lineup with some of the most talented DJs, not restricted to European countries. For a festival with a focus genre, this lineup is vastly eclectic in its own paradigm, featuring acts from Israel, Brazil and beyond. Instead of picking out names from the consistently great lineup, you can check it out here.


Another great thing about this festival is the camping. The festival features Utopia Camping, a camping organization that not only provides attendees with camping equipment at a fixed price, but also essentially handles all your camping needs for you. They’re also a relatively green organization and recycle most of their equipment. For those who find it frustrating to plan out a camping expedition, Utopia Camping at Indian Spirit will make your festival experience much easier.

Cheerful, immersive and quite trippy, this festival should definitely be on your international festival radar. Indian Spirit’s 2015 celebration is still underway. The festival commences in September annually. The Sherp will keep you posted about further editions of the festival. Meanwhile, you can follow their Facebook page for updates and subscribe to Festival Sherpa to be the first to receive our updates.

(All Images Via: Indian Spirit Facebook)