In a new interview with Complex, Skrillex has spoken about how Deadmau5 was a total bully to Marshmello almost a year back! 

Skrillex’s outburst was in regard to the harsh words Deadmau5 had for Marshemello almost over a year ago. Marshmello was supposedly pestering Deadmau5 on Twitter or that’s what people say happened or Deadmau5 was probably just imagining it.


Once that happened, Deadmau5, in true Deadmau5 fashion, took to twitter and verbally berate the young DJ. Once the verbal spat became public, Skrillex had a couple of his own words to share on what had transpired!

He was reported saying, “Marshmello is this young kid who looks up to deadmau5, and the first tweet he gets from deadmau5 is talking shit about him. That’s when I had to stand up and be like, ‘Stop being a fucking bully to people…It’s sad, because I can’t change the way deadmau5 is. He knows he’s an asshole and he glorifies himself that way. I think he’s probably ashamed of it. He’s a different person in the public than he is in person.”

One of the biggest shockers of the rant by Joel was the fact that he actually outed Marshmello’a identity as the DJ “dotcom”. 

Skrillex went on to speak his thoughts on Deadmau5’s music and kind of made sense.

“He’s a little more sensitive in the DMs, but when it comes to his public image, I don’t know. Maybe it’s because his music hasn’t been as ambitious; I think he may be scared to really step outside of what he does. But when someone else tries to do something new and they’re successful at it? I’ve put plenty of other records out that aren’t as successful but he doesn’t talk about those, you know what I mean? He’s only talking about things that are popping off.”

The Skrillex – Deadmau5 feud doesn’t seem like it’s going to end anytime soon!