The singer seems to be over the music and fame after yet another controversy.

Demi Lovato is not shy when it comes to expressing her opinion, but this time it seems to have reached a point where she’s talked about taking a break from the music industry. She posted a tweet to reveal that she’ll now be focusing on charitable work after having it all.

This news came out just a day after she logged heads with Taylor Swift and her Squad, including Cara Delevigne, Karlie Kloss, Gigi Hadid and the other co-stars of Swift’s video for the song “Bad Blood”. Lovato pointed out that the video presented a false sense of what female bodies look like as all the girls did not have a “normal body”.

She also continued to state that Swift, who claims to be a major feminist, wrote this song about her feud with fellow singer Katy Perry and in doing that wasn’t in any way empowering women. This led to a huge war on all social media platforms among fans of both the parties after which she revealed that her quotes were taken out of context but she is not apologetic about what everyone already knows.

Rumours are already spinning about her contemplating a return to music but those are just what they are, rumours. We’ll get to know more after her apparent break, after all 2017 is just a few months away.