The rapper has taken this step after “suicidal urges”.

Kid Cudi, the rapper behind the huge hit “Man on The Moon”, has checked himself into rehab after claiming to have severe depression and suicidal thoughts.

In a lengthy post on Facebook, the rapper refers to himself as Scott Mescudi (his real name) and talks about his issues with anxiety and depression and how he has been dealing with it since the beginning of his career. He also mentions the difficulties he experiences in his daily life due to these issues.

His album, “Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin'” has been delayed, but will be released after negotiations with his manager and his label Republic Records. He clearly and understandably will not be around to promote the album but we’re hoping it does well.

This news comes after the upcoming album includes an impressive collaboration line up with Andre 3000, Willow Smith and Pharrell Williams. He also had an online spat with fellow rappers Kanye West and Drake on Twitter after Cudi went on a rampage blasting the two for using ghostwriters.

There has been a new sense of awareness about mental health-related issues among musicians and this has also inspired to start a conversation on the topic which is still considered to be taboo. Musicians are letting their problems be heard and are making a difference to not only their fans, but also to anyone who relates to the same.

Hopefully he’ll bounce back in no time and get healthy emotionally and mentally. Get well soon!