We’ve got the lowdown on the latest news regarding Glastonbury, the fireflies festival in Purushwadi and a comprehensive budget for Ultra Singapore!

1. Finally A Music Festival With Affordable Food!


The Glastonbury ‘Food For A Fiver’ programme is back! See more!

2. Here’s All You Should Know About Purushwadi’s Wonderful Fireflies Festival


Purushwadi should expect an influx of tourists and campers this month, for its spectacular festival, The Festival Of A Million Fireflies, organised by Grassroutes. See more!

3. Two Geniuses Carried A Shitload Of Drugs Into Bonnaroo; What Happens Next Won’t Surprise You At All


Two wannabe Heisenbergs at Bonnaroo smuggled in enough drugs for an entire army – 202 jars of THC oil, 60 panes of blotter acid, 241 bags of Ketamine and 1,210 grams of a “green plantlike material” believed to be marijuana. See more!

4. Burning Man Making Its Way To The Netherlands In 2017


This is an ongoing effort to spread the beautiful culture and principles that Burning Man proudly represents. See more!

5. 10 Beautiful Ramadan Traditions From Around The World

Courtesy : radio.gov.pk

Explore the delightful customs observed by over 1.5 billion Muslims during the holiest month of the Islamic Calendar. See more!

6. Cultural Appropriation vs Appreciation In Music Festivals: Where Do You Draw The Line?

(Credits: www.instagram.com/hatecopy)

It’s a fine line and it’s time we talked about it. Think about it. See more!

7. Experience The First-Ever Ultra Singapore On An Amazing Budget

Courtesy : Facebook/Ultra Singapore

Festival Sherpa & Skyscanner have chalked out a budget plan for you to visit the first ever Ultra Singapore! See more!