Sunburn’s 10th edition is happening in December, AfrikaBurn just got over and we’ve got your journey to Oktoberfest covered, among a bunch of other stuff!

1. Sunburn Is Going Cashless And Building A Huge Main Stage For Its 10th Anniversary


The ever-growing Sunburn Festival will bring in its 10th anniversary by offering a one-of-a-kind experience for festival-goers: a cashless experience! – See more!

2. 6 Hamburger Festivals That Will Leave Your Mouth Watering


There is no comfort food better than a delicious cheesy hamburger and a heap of crispy fries! – See more!

3. In Pictures: AfrikaBurn’16, The Burning Man Of Cape Town


AfrikaBurn 2016 is finally in the books, and we have some splendid pictures of the massive Burner event taken from the Internet! – See more!

4. Experience The World’s Largest Beer Festival On A Budget!

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Festival Sherpa and Skyscanner team up to give you the best bang for your buck when you attend the Oktoberfest in Germany! – See more!

5. Horrible Hangover At A Festival? This Ice Cream Bar Is A Possible Solution


If you’ve consumed an entire music festival’s alcohol supply on the first day, and you’re finding trouble waking up to celebrate Day 2, there’s still some hope for you, thanks to these ice cream bars that can be used to cure hangovers. – See more!

6. An Adorable Dog Festival Just Happened And We Can’t Stop Gushing

Dog feature by www.instagram.comslashteddygramnyc

Totally pawsome! See more!

7. 7 Hilarious And Cringe-Worthy Portaloo Horror Stories At Music Festivals


We’ve all had bad portaloo experiences at festivals, but these 7 stories will definitely make you reconsider how bad your story actually is. See more!

8. 10 Festivals Celebrating The Gothic Subculture


Check out these festivals and learn more about one of the most interesting cultural phenomenons on World Goth Day! – See more