We’ve all had bad portaloo experiences at festivals, but these 7 stories will definitely make you reconsider how bad your story actually is.

Some people have had portaloo experiences so horrid, they wouldn’t wish them upon anyone. The Sherp has listed 7 such stories that’ll either make you tip your hat to these heroes, or make you fetch a bowl and vomit away.

1. A truck carried a portaloo away, with a woman still inside!

BFXBNC Forklift unloading portaloo from a lorry

(Courtesy: Metro)

That’s exactly what happened at the Newlyn Fish Festival, when the loo was picked up by a truck after a woman got in to do her business. She actually got to the other side of the harbour in what was a pretty hilarious story.

2. A man hid inside a festival portaloo at Hanuman Yoga Festival

Luke Chrisco (Courtesy: Eagle County Sheriff)

A female festival attendee had the shock of her life when she discovered a man hiding inside her portaloo at the Colorado-based Hanuman Yoga Festival. Wrapped in a tarpaulin, the police caught him as he emerged out, but he fled, covered in faeces. In spite of policemen trying to detain the guy, named Luke Chrisco, he denied any wrongdoing.

3. An unlucky man was still in the portaloo when it flipped and fell

Imagine standing in a portaloo and then hearing a sudden thud, and all you see is yourself sideways with the risk of the loo’s contents spilling all over you. We can only imagine what this guy went through at T In The Park when the exact thing happened to him. On a forum, he said he was ” suffering from Post Truamatic Stress” after the incident. The video isn’t from the festival, but that’s what a loo flip looks like.

4. A girl’s head got stuck inside a portaloo at Leeds Festival!


Elizabeth Taylor (Courtesy: The Sun)

You’ve probably heard of the ‘Poo Girl’ (real name: Elizabeth Taylor). If you haven’t, here’s a gist of what happened: At the 2009 Leeds Festival, an 18 year old was trapped inside the commode with her head down, in an attempt to reach out for her handbag that fell into the hole. She became an overnight sensation in the festival world; some showed sympathy while others literally ROFLed.

5. A man at the Oregon County Fair fell in a toilet pit in quest of drugs


(Courtesy: imgur.com)

This man’s dedication to drugs is probably unparalleled. At the Oregon County Fair, security spotted a man inside a commode. He was surprisingly thin enough to jump inside and look for drugs in the portaloo. Needless to say, he was extremely high when it happened.

6. Glastonbury’s toilets sank in the mud in 2005

3 Mega Cam

(Courtesy: www.efestivals.co.uk)

Glastonbury has had its fair share of goof-ups, but this one is a gem. In 2005, when it rained heavily at Glastonbury, the portaloos sank in the mud and its contents were in the water, increasing risks of a mini-plague. There were people swimming to retrieve their contents from their tents, so you can only imagine their plight. In another story, one of the bars sank too.

7. BONUS: Calvin Harris was trapped in a portaloo in a hilarious prank


Back when Calvin wasn’t the world’s richest DJ, he was subjected to a prank at Bestival, by ska group Madness. The frontman Suggs jammed the door with the DJ still inside, and the situation got so dire that festival organiser Rob Da Bank had to come out and fix the problem.

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