Ultra Singapore has announced a kickass Phase 2 lineup, Coldplay *might* come to India, and Tomorrowland is finally in the books!

1. Ultra Singapore’s Beastly Phase 2 Lineup Has Been Announced!

You asked for it, and now it’s here! Behold, the Phase 2 lineup for Ultra Singapore! See more.

2. Woman Protests Topless At A Festival, Gets Kicked Out

A topless woman protester was escorted out of Knockanstockan Festival for… erm… protesting topless. See more.

3. Have Coldplay Confirmed India Tour Dates?


4. There’s A New Bollywood Music Festival Coming To Mumbai

That’s right! The birthplace of Bollywood will get its own music festival dedicated to filmy music, and it’s going to be called Bollywood Music Project. See more.

5. Here Are The Top 10 Sets From This Year’s Tomorrowland!

We’re still reeling from all the phenomenal sets from this year’s edition of Tomorrowland!

6. Festivals Held In The Most Extreme Conditions

Some festivals just wouldn’t be the same were they held in different locations. In fact, the conditions are integral to the complete experience! See more.

7. This Fantastic European Festival Can Be Done On A Super Cheap Budget!

The Sherp’s latest travel package is the answer to those who want to attend a European festival and still not burn a hole through their pockets! #CheapThrills. See more!