The biggest news of 2016 might just have been announced. Or has it really? We have been expecting Coldplay to grace us with a performance ever since a video of Chris Martin having an impromptu jam with Vishal Dadlani where they sang Viva La Vida emerged. While AIB cheered on and took pictures. And since then, we have waited. Very, very patiently.

But music fans in India might finally have good news. Though we cannot confirm just how true this, today’s (July 28) Mumbai Mirror carries THIS:

The news piece says the band is going to make their way here on November 19, but the city they are going to perform in isn’t confirmed yet! Though there has been no official confirmation by the band, a quick look through their website will tell you that the musicians have nothing between September and December. Which leave ample of time for them to make their way here!

Could this be what we have all been waiting for? What city do you think they’ll finally end up playing in? What songs should they perform? Let us know in the comments!