We’ve had a bunch of new and exciting festival-related updates this week. From Sunburn announcing its headliners to new Burning Man footage surfacing, there’s has been a lot happening this week. Here are The Sherp’s top picks!


1. Sunburn Goa’s Revealed Stage To Be Headlined By Dyro, Thomas Newson And More.

Sunburn_Festival_Rukes.com - 22

Sunburn added another stage to the festival with impressive headliners. Read more HERE.


2. Tycho Is Coming To India This December


In a tweet, his drummer Nitemoves revealed we’re going to see Tycho very soon. Read more HERE.


3. A GoPro Crashes Right Into A Burning Man Rave And Captures It Perfectly


This video of a GoPro falling off a drone and smack-dab into a Burning Man rave will definitely make you smile. See more HERE.


4. Tomorrowland’s New Aftermovie Will Make You Feel Euphoric


This shows exactly how massive the Belgium festival really is. Watch it HERE.


5. Ready Yourselves! Sunburn Goa May Have A Campsite This Year


Your favourite Dance Music festival in India will allegedly begin an exclusive camping experience from this year onwards. Read more HERE.


6. Universal Music Group Buys Stake In Enchanted Valley Carnival


The world’s largest music corporation has acquired fifty percent stake in Enchanted Valley Carnival. Read more HERE.


7. Bacardi NH7 Weekender Announces The Final Headliner For Pune And Delhi


Bacardi NH7 Weekender has finished announcing its Pune and Delhi headliners. See who the last one is HERE.