This video should serve as a cautionary lesson to all enthusiastic ravers. Warning: video may be disturbing.

Techno Parade, Paris, sees over 350, 000 attendees every year. The festival is an archetypically massive electronic festival, and death reports at massive electronic festivals are not unheard of. With every passing festival, deaths at music festivals are becoming a norm, collateral that we hear of every other week.

As horrible as that sounds, it’s a fact. But what’s strange about this death is that it didn’t occur due to the usual factors, i.e., suspected drug overdose or security neglect. The attendee, a young male, as shown in the video, seemed to have climbed a gargantuan statue in order to get a better view of the stage.


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In the video, the attendee is seen losing his grip and plummeting towards the ground. The video is disturbing and shows just how fragile human life is. We, once again, encourage safety at music festivals. Do read this article to know how to be your safest self at a music festival. Subscribe to The Sherp for more news. Watch the video below.