Yes, you heard right. The ambient genius is going to be in India in December. It’s time to get excited. 

In a tweet this morning, his drummer Nitemoves revealed we’re going to see Tycho very soon.

TYCHO performs at The Masquerade in Atlanta, GA on September 14,(Image via:

Scott Hansen, better known as Tycho is an American ambient electronic music artist and producer, who has been making some serious waves with his music. While his music is a combination of downtempo vintage-style synthesizers and ambient melodies, he’s an undeniably successful crossover act, attracting an audience that has post-rock, experimental, psychedelic and dance music fans alike. There’s something very organic about his music, and he incorporates a lot of human elements into his track – things like weather broadcasts, simple talking, or even breathing.

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You can listen to some of his tracks on his SoundCloud channel:

He’s also a designer and photographer, going by the name ISO50. Check his blog out HERE.