It’s 2017 and we’re all pumped up for a hopefully exciting year.

If you’re scouting out for some new tracks to pep up the week, then look no further. The Sherp explored the top songs that have released in the past week and stitched together a special New Year’s edition of our new addition – The Monday Playlist. Browse away as you gear up for a rocking day:

10. Maroon 5 (feat. Kendrick Lamar) [Ryan Riback Remix] – Don’t Wanna Know 

We start off with a pre-Christmas remix by one of Australia’s top EDM producers and rap’s most lyrically innovative artist. Taking the ‘Pokemon Go’ theme song, ‘I Don’t Wanna Know’, Melbourne DJ Ryan Riback collaborates with rap sensation Kendrick Lamar to put an electronic touch to Maroon 5’s hit song.  Riback has taken the Australian electronic sound across the world whereas Lamar is credited for revolutionizing rap with his poetic story-telling approach to lyrics; exploring the life, hardships and prejudice experiences of a boy from Compton. Not to mention taking the Grammy’s by storm last year!

9. Sam Feldt – What About The Love

It’s all about the love! With his latest track, Sam Feldt ensures that we keep the love going strong no matter how awful things may seem. This Dutch producer puts the soul in electronic sound like nobody else can. Never failing to include two of music’s most essential ingredients in his songs, he skillfully combines soulful, uplifting vocals with a powerful electronic beat; creating a magical sound in the process! In ‘What About The Love’, he displays his signature sounds while he asks people to acknowledge the love even when all else seems hollow.

8. Nine Inch Nails – Not The Actual Events

When it comes to new music, the Christmas season had a lot in-store for us. Fans of industrial rock got a festive treat from Cleveland, Ohio-based rock band ‘Nine Inch Nails’ with the release of their new EP. Founded by Trent Reznor in 1988, the band scored with the underground music audiences, making hit after hit on the radio with record sales exceeding 20 million copies worldwide. Adding to the cheer and excitement of the festive season, the band put out a physical edition of their EP ‘Not The Actual Events’ on 23rd December, much to the delight of fans who got a massive dose of rock before the year ends.

7. Run the Jewels – RTJ3

An entire album! If you’re a fan of hip-hop, then you don’t want to miss this American hip-hop supergroup’s latest album release. That’s right – not just a song but an entire album for you to get lost in! ‘Run the Jewels’  digitally released their third album ‘Run the Jewels 3’ on Christmas eve; ensuring their fans had a fantastic festive season. With incredible critical appreciation for all their work, we know you wouldn’t want to miss this one. The album will physically release on the 13th of this month.

6. George Shelley – Prove Me Wrong

It’s a Christmas treat! As if the day didn’t bring enough joy, pop-rock fans got a special musical treat from one of England’s young and upcoming artists on Christmas Day itself. Singer/songwriter George Shelley, also known for being a radio presenter, actor and former member of  boy band Union J; thrilled his fans by dropping a brand new single on the most joyful day of the year! ‘Prove Me Wrong’ talks about how distant and unreal the concept of love can be until the right person comes along to prove you wrong.

5. Future Ft. Rick Ross – That’s A Check

Hip-hop fans got another surprise. Just in time to start the new year, American hip-hop recording artist ‘Future’ dropped not one but two music videos in one day! In addition to a video for his already released, ‘Drippin’, Future dropped a brand new single with American rap star Rick Ross to get 2017 off to an awesome start. In ‘That’s A Check’, Future surrounds himself with gorgeous women wrapped in jewellery as he strolls through a decked up mansion and relaxes poolside draped in a fur coat. Not surprising for a hip-hop video right?

4. Alan Walker x David Whistle – Routine

British-Norwegian EDM producer Alan Walker might be only 19 years old, but he has already received platinum certification in over 10 countries! So, as soon as this young sensation releases new songs, we can’t help but be all ears! In his latest song, ‘Routine’, the star collaborates with dance/electronic artist David Whistle who had been around in the EDM scene for around a decade; performing under the name DJ Ness. The video for ‘Routine’ appeals to all the gaming lovers out there with cool visuals they know all too well.

3. Tyga Ft. Kanye West – Feel Me

New Year’s Eve brought with it music from two of the most controversial and talked about artists today. Whether it’s being in the news for dating a Jenner, marrying a Kardashian or making outrageous outbursts online; Tyga and Kanye West never fail to make the news. However, to end the year, the two artists have brought the focus back to their music and we can’t say we’re not happy. From Kylie Jenner to Usher, Rap star Tyga and Kanye West take on everything in their special New Year’s Eve release. Titled, ‘Feel Me’, the song follows a long trend of songs that have been released on New Year’s Eve.

2. Sam Hunt – Drinkin Too Much

Rejoice, country fans! We haven’t forgotten about you. Singer, songwriter and former college football star Sam Hunt dropped a surprise single on New Year’s Eve for country fans around the world. The song titled ‘Drinkin Too Much’ is a heartfelt apology to his on-again/off-again girlfriend for focusing on her in his previous album ‘Montevallo’. Although the album was a success, it created a strain in their relationship.

1. The XX – Say Something Loving

We finally come to the New Year. After a solid end to 2016, the music world didn’t fail in getting the ball rolling with some exciting new tracks! Building anticipation for their new album, English band XX took to Twitter to reveal a new song. They wrote, “Happy 2017! We are so excited to release our new album ‘I See You’ on January 13th and to share new music with you.” They even tweeted, “A few weeks ago we were in Tokyo and filmed ourselves doing karaoke to our new song ‘Say Something Loving’, we had a lot of fun! xx The xx”. The video serves as an official video for the song and has been officially released today!

With all these fresh new tunes; 2017 sure looks like it’s going to be epic! Don’t forget to stay tuned for new music every week.