The popular Hungarian Festival, Sziget inched to a close yesterday, to an end which was as celebratory as the festival itself!

The self-confessed ‘Island of Freedom’ is an 8-day mega-event where music, art, and people descend to unwind in some much needed cultural therapy. Held along the banks of the Danube river in Budapest, Hungary, the natural beauty of the location and its historic significance has led to Sziget becoming one of the most prominent festivals in the world, and one of the more compelling ones in Europe. The 2015 run of the festival too proved to be a brilliant experience for everyone in attendance.

So The Sherp went snooping around for all those pictures that prove just how good Sziget 2015 was!

1. People throng Sziget from around the world in large numbers, and this image shows it best!

11061182_10154250386813975_74858096877277934_n(Credit: Sziget Facebook)


2. No, seriously, look at the number of people in attendance –

11891048_10154246377623975_7236085566753484874_n(Credit: Sziget Facebook)

3. And where so many people come together, the best kind of friendships are formed!

@szigetofficial 2(Credits: @szigetofficial | Instagram)

4.  Friendships that call for enough loopiness and fun!

Hölvényi Kristóf 2(Credits: Hölvényi Kristóf | Sziget Facebook)

5. And if it isn’t loopy enough, there are always colours to make it better

@oriel_basson(Credits: @oriel_basson | Instagram)


6. You obviously need to believe us on that front –

@e_piggy(Credit: @e_piggy | Instagram)

7. And if colours don’t do the trick, there’s always mud.

@davinco_(Credits: @davinco_ | Instagram)

8. And if you like neither of those things, you can always play with some fire –

11855796_10154246378273975_7166956718178726661_n(Credits: Sziget Facebook)

9. But if you’re more of an airborne person, you can pull off some balancing act. Like this guy!

László Mudra 2(Credits: László Mudra | Sziget Facebook)

10. If you feel inept at balancing yourself on a rope, you can always take the help of people

11903824_10154250390873975_792457127285882717_n(Credits: Sziget Facebook)

11. And in moments that will leave you happy for a lifetime, you will realise you needn’t have asked for any help at all. It’s always there.

Hölvényi Kristóf(Credits: Hölvényi Kristóf | Sziget Facebook)

12. Until then, swingers for life!

László Mudra 3(Credits: László Mudra | Sziget Facebook)

13. And if you’re not one for such aerobics, what are trees for?

Sandor Csudai(Credits: Sandor Csudai | Sziget Facebook)

14. After all, the whole point of being at Sziget is being yourself!

@szigetofficial(Credits: @szigetofficial | Instagram )

15. Your complete true to honest self!

11217533_10154250390508975_3772965589602083690_n(Credits: Sziget Facebook)

16. Whether it’s you in love..

Sandor Csudai 2(Credits : Sandor Csudai  | Sziget Facebook)

17. Or it’s you stopping to admire yourself

Zsolt Furesz(Credits: Zsolt Furesz | Sziget Facebook)

18. After all, there is no other place like Sziget for self expression. Whether you’re into photography 

Varga Benedek(Credit: Varga Benedek | Sziget Facebook)

19. Or whether it is some artistic representation, like this brilliant artist here

@csaszar_eszti(Credit: @csaszar_eszti | Instagram)

20. Or this twosome updating their ‘Before I Die’ list

@davinco_ 2(Credit: @davinco_  | Instagram)

21. It was a place where you could trip out

Sandor Csudai trippy(Credits: Sandor Csudai | Sziget Facebook)

22. To some Jose Gonzalez crooning

@poupeedepoche Jose(Credits: @poupeedepoche | Instagram)

23. Or some Diplo walking all over you inside a bubble!

Sandor Csudai 3 Diplo(Credits: Sandor Csudai  | Instagram)

24. Because at Sziget, everything goes!

@kevinchignier(Credit: @kevinchignier | Instagram)

25. No wonder Sizget only grows in size, year  after year. And we honestly cannot wait for 2016!

@eneandic(Credit: @eneandic | Instagram)

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