The recently concluded Moonrise Festival saw some pretty big names from electronic music drop sets that will go down as memorable. In between all the musical brouhaha, The Sherp caught up with one of the most exciting producers in the circuit, Pierce Fulton about his set at the festival and his oncoming tour to India. 


Hey Pierce! You played an amazing set today at Moonrise Festival, and I’m sure your fans in India cannot wait to see you perform at the end of the month. Will this be your first time in India?

Thanks so much! Yes, this will be my first time in India and I’m super, super excited. From what I understand, I’ve heard that the crowds in India love all genres of music, so I think that I’ll be able to showcase the many styles of music that I play during my shows there.

With that being said, in what ways will you prepare for these upcoming shows in Mumbai and Chandigarh?

When I’ve played in other countries, I’ve learned that you definitely need to be on your toes when performing a set. For example, some crowds love the harder hitting tracks more than the progressive stuff; I love the experience of feeling out the crowd and pinpointing in your head what kind of music works in what parts of the world. It’s like I make a little map in my brain, and I’m stoked to put India on that map!


Have you noticed that you have a growing fan base in India?

Well, I think the reason that I’m playing in India is because my song Kuaga was in a Smirnoff commercial there, and it became the most Shazamed song for about a month, which is ridiculous! So I have this cool fan base just from one song being played on a commercial, and I’m looking forward to seeing the result. It’s cool to have fans telling me to come to India via social media, but this is definitely something unique since I’ve never drawn a crowd built off of a commercial!

You recently re-released your hit Kuaga along with vocals as Kuaga (Lost Time). At production, was it ever your intention to add lyrics, or did the opportunity present itself later on?

I just wanted a progressive song, and I did not think it would be as big as it has become. I created it with the intention that maybe a few djs would play it, and that’s that. Luckily, we got Kuaga on Sirius XM very early on, which lead to its popularity. The whole purpose of re-working the song was not to become a hit by merely throwing a generic vocal on the song, so I really wanted to take on the vocals in my own way. I went through the process of listening to a ton of top lines for it, and then these two guys from the UK ended up being the “winners”…they had a great initial idea for the vocals, then I took those ideas to develop it into my style. The new edit comes with a great backstory, because the vocals are sung by one of the original songwriters’ son…his name is Reece and he is only 9 years old!

You also have a standout music video where you perform Kuaga Live, how many instruments can you play?

Well, guitar is my main instrument, which I started playing when I was about 6 years old, but over the years I’ve been able to pick up other instruments. For example, I can play the piano, but it would take a good 20 minutes for me to learn how to play a song. I’ve always enjoyed swapping instruments – it’s like a mental game for me, for example, trying to figure out how to play from a guitar to a piano and switching clefs. I have always liked difference in clefs in sheet music. I used to play the trombone in my school’s orchestra, and that’s on the bass clef, then guitar is on treble clef, so being able to take how you read music on one staff and applying it to another, I just like that concept of trying different things.

How long did the video take to shoot?

It took about a day, but I’m not sure how many hours it took. I was assuming it was going to be in this little studio with a few people, but it was like a giant warehouse with a 30 person team and I was wondering where they all came from!  My management has a great creative team who paired me with an amazing director…the video exceeded my expectations.


Festival Five

1. What are the top 3 most hard-hitting songs that you play in your sets?

Calling Out by Dyro with a Dallas K remix as the break
Show Me by Dallas K and Tiesto
My song Kuaga, but that doesn’t count!! And I played 3 unreleased songs, including my next single coming out in September called Landmines, which is being released on Armada.

2. Apart for yours, whose set are you most looking forward to at Moonrise?

3lau. He’s a great friend of mine and I haven’t seen him play in a while! I love that kid!

3. If you could take anybody to a festival, alive or dead, who would it be?

My parents…I love bringing them to events. I’ve brought them to four shows now, and they fit in very well and they have a lot of fun. They came with me to Electric Zoo and in XS in Vegas when I headlined. They’re really up to date with the music too.

4. If you could take only 3 things to a festival, what would they be?

A belt, a clean pair of shoes, and a headband because my hair keeps getting in the way!

5. What is one festival you would consider going alone to?

Friendly Gathering, a festival that’s in my hometown and is on a mountain!


Interview by : Jacqueline Gottlob
Images by : Greg Bowser