Couples that go festival-hopping together, stay together. After all, if music’s not the best thing to bond over, then what is? Moonrise Festival was full of couples soaking in the festival madness!

What better way is there to enjoy a summer music festival than with your significant other? You have a guaranteed dance partner, hand-holder, and most importantly, a person who can share in the memories that you are making. The Sherp recognises this as it went around Moonrise Festival in an attempt to celebrate lovers, for whom the festival spirit remains a common connection. And boy, did they not disappoint.

1. This couple seemed to have spent quite the time festival hopping and are proof to our ‘stay together’ idiom!

2. And if you’re a couple attending a festival, why would you let go of the opportunity to twin your outfits? 

3. This couple in particular, had a very interesting story to share. Not only are they very much in love, as can be seen, but they also attend several festivals as dates. Clearly seems to be working for them, beautifully. 

4. Being a couple at a festival makes dressing up for it so much more fun! These two say it all. 


5. Clearly, couples at Moonrise Festival had eyes only for each other! 

6. They not only seemed much in love, but had quite the fun with doubling their outfits!

7. Plus, you get to share your passion with someone. Whether that’s music, dancing, Chimichanga or Deadpool. 


8. We feel your joy, you guys, we feel it!


(All images by : Greg Bowser)
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