With Lollapalooza 2015 coming to an end, what we are left with are some enduring images from one of the biggest music festivals. The Sherp rounds up the best of the lot. 

We have them all – from scenic pictorial proofs to what will be timeless portraits of some of the biggest musical acts. In terms of visual manifestation, Lollapalooza did not disappoint, as it leaves behind some classic images that are sure to make their way into pop culture. Check them out to find out more.

1. Lollapalooza started on a burst of good-weather energy. 

@riotmadja(image source: @riotmadja | Instagram)

2. In all fairness, it started out as the quintessential Chicago summer America loves.

Greg Noire(Image source: Greg Noire | www.lollapalooza.com)

3. The venue, too, was all kinds of beautiful. 

@thejustinkuhn(Image source: @thejustinkuhn | Instagram)

4. And the crowd was ready for all kinds of music!

@anikaemily(Image source: @anikaemily | Instagram)

5. And of course they would be, going by the slate of stars that would make their way to the Lolla stages soon. 

Cambria Harkey(Image source: Cambira Harkey | www.lollapalooza.com)

6. The result of the wait was some brilliant music, and classic stage moments. Like this giant-esque portrait of Marina and The Diamonds. 

@Charles Reagan Marina @Lolla(Image source: Charles Reagon, @lollapalooza | Instagram)

7. Or this brilliant in-moment capture of MS MR’s Lizzy Plapinger. 

@laserphotographer Lizzy MS MR(Image source: @laserphotographer | Instagram)

8. The crowd was having its share of mighty fun too. 

@sille14(Image source: @sille14 | Instagram)

9. But the highlight was when the musicians came close, literally. Like this moment with Kevin McKeown of Black Pistol Fire. 

Regan Hackleman(Image source: Regan Hackleman | www.lollapalooza.com)

10. Who then went on to crowd surf, while still strumming his guitar.

@zfaubert_photography Kevin McKeown Black Pistol Fire(Image source: @zfaubert_photography | Instagram)

11. Speaking of guitar strumming, who can forget Alabama Shakes’ Brittany Howard!

@philipcosores @coslive(Image source: @philipcosores, @coslive | Instagram)

12. Her powerful stage presence literally made the entire show worth it.

Jill Greenberg @Lolla(Image source: Jill Greenberg, @lollapalooza | Instagram)

13. Speaking of being worth-it, most musicians helped the audience have their time of a lifetime. Like when Twenty One Pistols delivered a beauty of a set. 

@jack Dinger Twenty one pilots @lolla(Image source: Jack Dinger @lollapalooza | Instagram)

14. Or when Gogol Bordello performed purely to the crowd’s delight.

@quarterroy Gogol Bordello(Image source: @quarterroy | Instagram)

15. The result were some classic performing moments, like this with Florence + The Machine

@liv4ever11(Image source: @liv4ever11 | Instagram)

16. Or this, signalling one of rock’s favourite champions, Metallica.

@Jill Greenberg Metallica @lolla(Image source: Jill Greenberg @lollapalooza | Instagram)

17. But rock music’s pioneer was yet to arrive. Bow your heads to the great Macca!

@zfaubert_photography(Image source: @zfaubert_photography| Instagram)

18. Who then gave Lollapalooza arguably its best moment, by teaming up with Brittany Howard!

@kappiejr @coslive(Image source: @kappiejr, @coslive | Instagram)

19. Though the weather may have soured for a bit, this image only goes to show just how much Lollapalooza is loved!

@yogawithalisonmaui(Image source: @yogawithalisonmaui | Instagram)

20. Until next year, Lolla! Honestly, we cannot wait!

Cambria Harkey 2(Image source: Cambria Harkey | www.lollapalooza.com)