The ‘School Of Rock’ star made a special appearance during Die Antwoord’s set at the festival.

jack black


USA’s bass heavy electro heaven that was HARD Summer came to an end this past weekend with Jack U, Justin Beiber and the gang delivering a smashing closing performance at the festival. But they weren’t the only ones stealing the limelight. South African duo Die Antwoord brought out one of Hollywood’s most popular names during their set. Jack Black appeared on stage in a white track suit, pretty well disguised.


It seemed as though nobody caught whiff of his presence until he grabbed hold of the microphone and dropped a hilarious verse on stage. Check it out below:

HARD Summer’s electronic line-up makes it one of the most anticipated festivals in the states, so stay tuned to the Sherp to know what went down this year.


(All Images Courtesy: HARD Summer Facebook)