EDC and Ultra are two of the most popular substance infested music festivals, according to this study. Find out more below.

Substance abuse has gradually developed, over the decades, into a norm at concerts and music festivals. Although most festivals ensure that there is sufficient security at the event, a wide majority of the festival goers choose to either sneak in contraband, or use substance as a stimulant before or after the festival.

Either way, substance is a prevalent part of music festival culture. This study via DrugAbuse.com shows us which drugs are a part of the social conversation at music festivals. This gives us a glimpse of festivals are most popular for substance and which drug is being used most at which festival. For starters, take a look at the chart below that shows the most talked-about festivals on Instagram.


As EDC leads the parade, Ultra, Tomorrowland and Coachella follow closely. The question that’s of import though, is: in relation to which music festival do attendees post about substance the most? Here’s your answer.


Even though Marley Fest is one of the lowest mentioned festivals on Instagram, as seen above, when it comes to posts solely about festivals and substance together, it tops the charts.


Furthermore, here are the substances that are talked about, in order of popularity.


This brings up the question of whether we’re incapable of attaining a fulfilling festival experience without substance. Do we need substance to enjoy a music festival? Let us know your thoughts below.

(All Infographics Courtesy: DrugAbuse.com)