Burning Man organizers are not pleased with this particular burn.

Quiznos, the sandwich/fast food franchise released a quirky advertisement on their YouTube titled, Burn Trials – Out of the Maze and onto the Playa with the pretty straight-forward description, “What happens when you send the characters from The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials to an overcrowded music festival in the desert? You’ll have to witness it for yourself. Things will get toasty on The Playa.”

Burning Man has developed into an enigmatic phenomenon. This video advertisement doesn’t just parody Maze Runner, but also the self-proclaimed culturally eclectic and radically inclusive festival that essentially supports self-expression. The protagonist in Quiznos’ ad dismisses the depth of the counterculture festival by saying, “This isn’t an antiestablishment society based on radical self-expression. It’s become a place for rich people to check off their bucket list.” 


The advertisement makes BM look like a boho Utopia run by corporate supremacy under the facade of a non-threatening and free-spirited environment– with Gazing Workshops and Cuddle Puddles, of course. Though witty and hilarious, this advertisement does put Burning Man under bad light.

And with the festival’s spokesman Jim Graham’s statement, looks like BM organizers don’t have much of a sense of humour when it comes to the principles of their festival. “We’ll be coordinating with our legal team to see what action we can take,” said Graham.

Watch the discussed video below. Stay tuned to Festival Sherpa for more news!