This past weekend, one of the world’s favourite electronic gatherings, Mysteryland, induced quite the party spirit in Netherlands’ Holland. We have proof!

Mysterland Netherlands saw the coming together of good ol’ dance music, good looking people in their best spirit, and a party culture that remained unparalleled this weekend. The Sherp went looking around for the best pictures representing the vibe, and we got them all for you!

1. The last weekend of August saw electronic music lovers descend at Holland for one of the year’s biggest dance music parties!

@aldina.k(Credit : @aldina.k | Instagram)

2. They came in sporting their best fashion –

11892046_10153567403878134_1300069550192241602_n(Credit: Mysteryland Facebook)

3. Getting everything from their matching, to their colours on point.

@dominiquejardin(Credit: @dominiquejardin | Instagram)

4. Some came bearing their squads in tow. Like these two, carrying the other!

@romy22_(Credit: @romy22_ | Instagram)

@nancyx19(Credit: @nancyx19 | Instagram)

5. Honestly, Mysteryland saw the best pair of twosomes! Like these hugging best friends –

@iisza(Credit: @iisza | Instagram)

6. And these two here to share a common festival experience –

@laury.beukers(Credit: @laury.beukers | Instagram)

7. Or these two sharing some festival love!

11960243_10153567388883134_605525519335300337_n(Credit: Mysteryland Facebook)

8. But some came in with their entire troupe, together!

@dominiquelousberg(Credit: @dominiquelousberg | Instagram)

9. But most importantly, all came with the right spirit!

@romy22_ 2(Credit: @romy22_ | Instagram)

10. But Mysteryland wasn’t all about the music. Some found amusement in teddy bears!

@zhofman(Credit: @zhofman | Instagram)

11. I mean, who can resist a cute, cuddly, large bear?

@sharmaine4711(Credit: @sharmaine4711 | Instagram)

12. Or a large, banana shaped man, who was obviously quite popular –

11933489_10153567389908134_3203236831241335794_n(Credit: Mysteryland Facebook)

13. But who cares about any of that, when Mysteryland’s obviously grand stage is behind you?

@larissaneomi(Credit: @larissaneomi | Instagram)

14. You cannot help yourself but look at it!

@melissalindenx(Credit: @melissalindenx | Instagram)

15. Marvel at just how cool it really looks!

@alexmahoney2(Credit: @alexmahoney2 | Instagram)

16. Especially when Martin Garrix is performing on it!

itsnataliagarritsen(Credit: @itsnataliagarritsen | Instagram)

17. Or even Nicki Romero!

@lisaphotography romero(Credit: @lisaphotography | Instagram)

18. Basically, it was the kind of fun that could just go on –

11813274_10153570525978134_1116956706438580102_n(Credit: Mysteryland Facebook)

19. And never stop, even if we have to wait a whole year for it!

@romainsv(Credit: @romainsv | Instagram)

20. Do we even have to say it? 

@wendiehh(Credit: @wendiehh | Instagram)