Prior to his much awaited India tour, The Techno head helps the Sherp curate a playlist of some of his favorite pieces. 

max xooper

The Brit, renowned for the in depth use of melody & emotion in his music, is also renowned for producing  hypnotically captivating videos for his tracks & also encourages his fans to produce their own videos for his music.


Here are a few of his top picks:  


Borderlands – Tim Hecker

There’s so much space for the listener of this track.


Roads – Portishead

A track I liked so much I did my own remix.


Woozy With Cyder (Jon Hopkins Remix) – James Yorkston



The Flashbulb – Undiscovered Colors

One of my all-time favorite pieces of music with epic stop frame nature footage. It works really well.


Wish You Were Here – Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd always seemed to be a favorite across the decades, and the track, Potency, from my album, Human, is some sort of homage to Pink Floyd.


Nils Frahm – Hammers

This video comes from a live performance Nils gave in London to a small group of friends to launch Sheets, the sheet music of his album.  I ask him to sign my copy.  Nils is amazing.


Vaetxh – Unfolding Mechanism

For those moments when you accidentally walk into the wrong room of a gallery and find the celebrity museum owners embroiled in some sort of surreal artistic robot sex orgy.


Ben Frost – Killshot

An intense venture into something seething with meaning, I love it.


Lusine – Every Disguise

I was thrilled with Lusine agreed to remix one of the tracks on Human.  He’s one of my favourite artists.