Only six days until the very first edition of VH1 Supersonic kicks off! The Sherp caught up with the Dutch luminary Ferry Corsten for an exclusive chat. Check out what he had to say:


Welcome back to India Ferry! How does it feel to be coming back?

Thanks! It feels really great. It has been quite some time since my last visit so I am excited to be back!


You just played at ZoukOut in Singapore earlier this month! How was the experience there?

It was great. The atmosphere at the festival was really good and the crowd was really into the music.


Tell us about your collaboration ‘New World Punx’ with Markus Schulz! When and how did you guys decide to collaborate?

We had played back to back a couple of times and during a set in the US at Glow we both had to play a solo set but decided to do the whole thing back to back. The reactions were amazing and afterwards we were like, this is really something special. The rest is history…


Why the name ‘New World Punx’?

The name is derived from 2 of our big tracks. Markus Schulz his track The New World and my track Punk.


What is the best part about working with Markus?

That it almost doesn’t feel as if we are working. We have so much fun together on and off stage that I always am really excited when we have a new NWP show lined up.


You also host your own weekly radio show ‘Corsten’s Countdown’. How do you choose the tracks for it?

We get a lot of new exclusive promos each week and I take a listen to those. I select 6 new tracks which I really like a lot. Then we also have the listener’s choice which basically is a track that the listener can request the week before the show. And we always end the show with a top 3. These are the 3 most voted tracks of the previous week. This means the listener really has the power to decide which tracks I will play during the show.


You’ll be playing a 3-hour ‘Spotlight Set’ at VH1 Supersonic this time. What can your fans look forward to during that set?

A very cool production and brand new music!


Name one artist/vocalist you would love to collaborate with?

Bono from U2


Out of the plethora of tunes you’ve composed, name one tune which NEVER fails?

Too hard to tell really.



1. Best festival experience?

Meeting my fans and other DJs during festivals is always a blast.

2. Weirdest festival experience?

I haven’t really had one in a long time actually.

3. Festivals you’d like to play at and why?

Last year at Tomorrowland was great fun so I hope to play there again next year.

4. At what age did you attend your first music festival?

I think I was around 18.

5. Craziest fan you’ve encountered at a festival?

I always think the fans who have a tattoo of my logo are quite crazy, but in a good way of course!