1. The Cloud is the largest 3D mapped stage ever built for a concert, anywhere in the world!

smirnoff stage


2. VJ Jeff Smith has a background in video game design. A former creative director at Electronic Arts and THQ, he left the gaming world behind to explore his passion for dance music and is currently deadmau5’s touring VJ.


3. Josh Flemming is a co-founder of The Do LaB, and has designed stages for festivals including Coachella, Lightning in a Bottle, and Boom Festival.



4. Over 10,000 crystals were used to construct the festival’s “Banyan Tree” visual installation.


5. Rusko’s five favorite Indian foods are: 1) Palak paneer, 2) Chole, 3) Puri breads, 4) Aaloo paratha, 5) Tadka daal!




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