Comic Con 2013 – Mumbai which will be held at the Bombay Exhibition Centre, Goregaon this weekend has so much in store for all you enthusiastic cos-players! Here’s the a look at a few interesting  book launches you must check out.


1.  The Skull Rosary
Skull Rosary-Holy Cow Entertainment

Author: Shweta Taneja

Artist: Vivek Goel, Gaurav Shrivastav, Sushant Panda, Ghanshyam Bochgeri and Tahir Kapadia

Published By: Holy Cow Entertainment

Launch: 21 December, 12 noon (Saturday)

The Synopsis: A demon, a god, a king, an avatar, a son. Lord Shiva collected five heads in his rosary. We tell you why. The Skull Rosary is a retelling of ancient myths of Rudra, the name Shiva wielded before civilization began. They are not the stories you heard when you were a child. They are stories of dark emotions, of lust, of jealousy, of hatred, of passion, of incest and of power. In The King with A Goat’s Head a daughter is sacrificed to the flames of jealousy. Prahlad’s Dream retells the horrific story of what happens when two of the most powerful gods on earth start to fight. In The Other Woman a son craves for his own mother’s body. A blind asura lusts for revenge in The Blind Spot. The last story in the set, Brahma’s Fifth Head takes you to a place where a father lusts for his daughter and all codes of civilization have broken down.


2.  Parshu: Origins

Parshu Origins - Orange Radius

Author: Raveesh

Artist: Rahul Jha

Published By: Orange Radius Publishing

Launch: 22 December, 12:30pm (Sunday)

The Synopsis: A brutal tragedy triggers the transformation of a young boy into a warrior, a warrior he was always destined to be, given his lineage and ancestry. Determined for vengeance and searching for answers behind the tragedy that befell him, he delves deeper into an abyss that will throw up more questions than reveal answers, he will need to dig deep into his reserves of willpower, strength and resolve to unearth and decimate the real face behind it all.

In this journey he will fall only to rise stronger each time, establish alliances and start understanding the true potential of his gifted abilities.

Divided into four expertly illustrated chapters, each brimming with excitement and mystery, we present the first issue in the Parshu series: Origins


3. Angry Maushi: Second Blood
Angry_Maushi_Cover RGB

Published By:  Abhijeet Kini

Launch: 22 December, 12 pm

The Synopsis: Angry Maushi returns in the sequel to unleash her anger on evil-doers once again! After the events of the first book, the scum of society realises that they alone cannot contain the threat that is Angry Maushi and come up with an ingenious plan so evil that the Devil himself has to be summoned. But is this ploy enough to stop the Maushi juggernaut? Are old foes going to return to have their revenge? Catch all the action in “ANGRY MAUSHI: SECOND BLOOD”

4.  “Gandhi – my life is my message” – A graphic Biography
Gandhi- Campfire

Author: Jason Quinn

Illustrator: Sachin Nagar

Published By: Campfire Publishing

Launch: 21 December, 2 pm

The Synopsis: A sensitive portrayal of Mahatma Gandhi’s entire life from his childhood right through to the moment of his assassination.

How did this shy, unassuming lawyer transform himself into the leader of India’s freedom movement? Renouncing wealth, ambition, and comfort, Gandhi led by example, becoming one with the people he sought to free, facing imprisonment, hardship, and humiliation while never raising his voice in anger.Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, better known as the Mahatma or Great Soul, took on the might of the British Empire armed only with a message of love and non-violence. In Gandhi: my life is my message we discover the man behind the legend, following him from his birth in the Indian coastal town of Porbandar in 1869, to the moment of his tragic death at the hands of an assassin in January 1948, just months after the independence of India.

5.  Zombie Rising – Based on India’s First Zombie origin Film Rise of The Zombie
Zombie Rising - Chariot Comis

Writer: Devaki Singh

Artist: Tarun Kumar Sahu

Published By: Chariot Comics with Luminosity Pictures

Launch: 22 December, 3 pm

The Synopsis: Zombie Rising is a graphic novel tie-in to India’s first zombie origins feature film “Rise of the Zombie” featuring Luke Kenny and Benjamin Gilani and written by Devaki Singh.

From Chariot Comics and Luminosity Pictures comes a dark, gory and terrifying zombie horror thriller – Zombie Rising. Zombie Rising is a graphic novel that is a stand-alone adventure set in the same universe as the film and is a prelude to the events that were set in motion in the movie.