The fast emerging techno takeover is rooting itself into the Indian gig calendar, and this time it’s coming straight from the Iberian coast.

For over 5 years now Dosem has been dropping big room house and techno bombs on labels such as SINOCarl Cox’s Intec RecordingsTronicSuaraBreak New Soil and more. With a futuristic and soulful approach to his productions, he definitely gives his productions a unique sheen that he can call his own. The Sherp caught up with the Spaniard in an intense one on one, as he speaks about his sound, and his extremely emotional side which he expresses through his music.


Hey Marc, We would like to know what event do you consider to be the turning point in your career? Which track do you think discovered your talent to the public and listeners around the globe?

Probably when I released “Beach Kisses” and “Silent Drop”.


Critics describe you as one of the most emotional techno producers, that is certainly because of your music. How do you see it?

I put lot of emotion on everything I do indeed. Music should be emotional, passionate… otherwise it’s not an honest expression. That doesn’t mean it has to contain melodies, it can be really emotional and be made only with drums.




How did you first become interested in dance music?

I started to go clubbing in the college and discovered groups like Orbital and Chemical Brothers. At that point I started to dig deeper in electronic music sounds and started to play at my own parties and produce in the studio.


India’s techno scene has grown massively in the past couple of years. This being your first visit, what are your expectations?

I came with an open mind, without limiting myself with expectations, I just want to share my music with the indian crowd and give the best of myself in every performance. I want to connect with the people and share  a good time with everyone.


dosem 2


Tell us more about your two finest releases ‘Silent Drop’ and ‘Beach Kisses’.

I did both at a key moment of my life, with many changes going on. I remember that happened naturally… I just wrote the notes… Both songs tell stories about love, but I don’t want to reveal more. I prefer that each person interprets his own memories through them.


How do you describe your production? What do you want to tell people through your tracks?

My music is a dance – able soundtrack of the experiences I live in my life. Experiences that talk about relationships between people, but also about their daily life, about emotions, etc.. I also like to talk about our development as a society, from a futuristic perspective. The urban life, our interaction with technology… and how it affects us in the long run.


dosem 3


We can say that last year was definitely one the most successful for you, at least when it’s about production. One album and later three EPs have been released over the past summer. How hard is it to achieve this?

It depends. I enjoy what I do, so I don’t see this process as easy or difficult but as a way of life. I do not see my life any other way than through creative expression. I’m working all day, even when I’m not at the computer, my mind thinks of music. If you have a goal in your life you have to put your soul on it.


Simplicity and complexity are two different things that you in some way connect with your tracks. That’s definitely what people like. What’s your quintessential formula for a successful production?

That’s the key to everything I do. I try to concentrate a chaos of ideas and emotions in minimalist music pieces. What I try before starting a song is to find the main elements of the story, let’s say a kind of musical sentence. What happens then is a lot of musical notes and elements that I debugged down to the root of the message. Which ends up being the main sound of a track. Sometimes a bassline, a synth lead or a specific groove.


dosem 4


How do you prepare your DJ sets? Any rituals you particularly follow? Also, what’s the Spanish techno scene like?

I don’t prepare my sets at all, I just have folders with the latest music I’m playing at the moment, some new productions, edits and promos and afterwards I just improvise. Regarding spanish techno scene, it has always been very popular, we have many big clubs and festivals like Monegros and Sónar.


What’s the one track you always turn to during your live performances? And what do you have planned for India?

Lately I’m playing a lot “Hot’s Groove” by Hot Since 82.

Marc is currently in India on a 4 city tour, for dates & more click here.