Having delivered some of the most infectious Dubstep tunes to the industry in the last couple of years, the Brit has taken his sound engineering background into full-time music production, and his dynamic rise to global recognition has been quite something to watch.

A hard working musician, ‘Zom’ takes his craft seriously and treats it with professionalism, but at the same time he exhibits a sense of wisdom and laidback intensity. The Sherp had an enlightening chat with him.


Hey Joshua, this being your first time in India, what are you looking forward to seeing the most?

Everything! Ive heard so many incredible things about India and I can’t wait to see everything possible in the short time that i am there!


UK is considered as the birthplace of Dubstep. Did that factor help shape the genre you took to producing?

Yes and No, i certainly became aware of the genre through the original UK producers such as Reso, Rusko, Skream, Benga….. But it was more of the Americans take on the genre that triggered my interest.



When & where did you start your first solo production?

My first solo project was actually a Synth/Metal project called Place Your Bet$ which is when i was heavily into my hardcore/metal music but throwing in elements of electronics. I started this project in 2009 when i was living back in my hometown of Penzance.


We have heard that you consider Skrillex as one of the influencers of your sound. Which other artists have you grown up listening to?

To be honest, my upbringing had very little musical influence, my family wasn’t very musical and it wasn’t until my teens where i started to discover music properly. My biggest influences were more in the heavy metal/Hardcore side of things such as: For The Fallen Dreams, Stick To Your Guns, Animosity, All Shall Perish etc…..


zomboy 1


Do you prefer DJing or production?

I used to think i liked Producing more, but the more i tour the world and experience new places/audiences, the more I’m starting to love DJing! Because after all if wasn’t DJing i would not be seeing all these beautiful places!


You have toured a lot, Which is the best crowd youve played in front of?

One of my fondest memories of crowds was actually recently when i played in Buenos Aires. I have played in Argentina twice and both times i was blown away with just how much energy and passion they have for the music and the party!



Every producer has this one track they will drop in every (or at least most) set no matter what. Do you have one of those? A personal favorite perhaps?

For me I wouldn’t have to say one of the only songs that has never left my set (unless sharing the stage with him) is Watch Out by Doctor P….. its gotta be one of my favourites and it always goes down a storm!


Your live performances are known to be pretty crazy. Do you have any surprises in store for the Indian audience?

Well as I’m currently writing my new record I will be showcasing new material! 


The event is being executed by LUCID (The guys who brought to our shores artists like Bakermat, Liar, Project 46, Max Cooper amongst others as part of their ‘Space’ property)  & Ace Accentuating who have decided to venture into a new music zone – bass heavy, dubstepy sounds under a new property christened ‘Hard Days’.

Zomboy’s a musician who’s worked hard and, with a bit of luck, he’s been able to turn it into a living. Air-scratching, womping, and head-banging as hard as his fans, Zomboy brings a mean bass-face  when putting on a show.

Don’t miss this one guys.

When & Where:

17th  April – Royalty, Mumbai

18th April – Kue Bar, Pune

19th April –  LAP, Delhi

20th April – Unplug : Me Weekender, Chennai


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