Just before he took to the decks, Cedric Gervais spoke to The Sherp about his future plans and of course, Molly!


During his maiden tour to India, French powerhouse DJ-Producer (and recently-turned actor!) Cedric Gervais played at Club Royalty in Mumbai. The night was characterized by an undying energy which Cedric never failed to supply, as he dished out the old and new which everyone in the crowd could connect with. Here’s what the upcoming legend had to say:

Sherp: You just landed here yesterday. How has it been so far?

Cedric Gervais: I haven’t seen that much yet, but I’m looking forward to seeing the country. I’m very jet-lagged but tomorrow I’m planning to go see stuff in Delhi.

 Sherp: If not a DJ, what would you have been?

CG: If not a DJ, maybe a soccer player!

Sherp: …And your favorite team?

CG: Marseille

Sherp: What do you think is the greatest feeling as a DJ?

CG: When everybody’s dancing and just enjoying themselves, that’s the best feel!

Sherp: Craziest party you’ve been to?

CG: I would say EDC Las Vegas, That was really amazing!

Sherp: One thing you don’t leave home without?

CG: Well, my USB stick with the music in it.

Sherp: Best crowd you’ve played in front of?

CG: In my home town, Miami, a couple of weeks back in the club ‘Space’.

Sherp: So what are you working on these days?

CG: Well I have, obviously this record with Lana Del Rey called ‘Summertime Sadness’ that’s out, I have another one called ‘Young & Beautiful’. Also I have a record ‘Things Can Only Get Better’  that’s out & many other records that are ready to go.

Sherp: We’ve seen the EDM wave run through India like wildfire. What do you have to say about it? Do you think it’s here to stay? What’s your take on the current culture?

CG: I’m pretty sure it will! I’m seeing this crowd for the first time, been hearing about India a lot now, a lot of DJs are coming here. It wasn’t really a destination people are talking about, but now everyone’s talking about it with festivals and a lot of club gigs happening. I think it’s going to get bigger & bigger. It’s exciting!

Sherp: How did you come about naming the track “Molly”? We’re all pretty curious.

CG: It was one night that I was going to play at a club in Miami, I needed to make a track for the dance floor, just for fun, also I needed some vocals, so I said let’s look for a girl, and picked up the name Molly, so yeah.

Sherp: You’re going to be starring in an upcoming movie opposite Hollywood biggies Dwayne Johnson & Mark Wahlberg. How did that come about?

CG: I’m just friends with the director, Michael Bay – he put me in it, and yeah that’s it. I’m not really an actor!