Romanian-born producer known as ‘Liar’ will be playing in Mumbai this August!

Liar’s music propels through different styles, from future garage and experimental to 2 step and resex. His varied tempos are accompanied with musical nods to the likes of Holy Voices, repetitive textures and Synkro’s tripping garage beats.

Each of his tracks is printed with a unique signature to make it unmistakably his. His upcoming album is called ‘Spirewards’ which will be based over a series of dreams he had over the last one year. The album’s framework is pieced together from his dream journal. He recalls “After poring through it, I realized they were all part of the same dream, just out of order. When I rearranged them, this incredible story unfolded. The album is the soundtrack to that story, and I’ll make music video versions of each dream too.”

Liar was personally requested by the popular British band ‘The xx’ to work on two of their official remixes. He is one of the few artists to be strongly supported by The xx, XLR8R and Mary Anne Hobbs.

So gear up Mumbai, because there’s more – the opening act will feature the multi-talented Sandunes!

Stay tuned for more details.

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Thursday, August 8, 2013: The Big Bang, Mumbai