Drake has finally entered the Kanye-Eminem-Jay Z space with his performance at Austin City Limits this weekend, that’s had people raving.

He’s had to edge quite a few people out of the way, but Drake is now being called the hip hop king of 2015. As he geared up for his performance, he said,”I’m from Toronto but God-damn if Texas isn’t my second home, I don’t where is.” And this is quite true, because Austin was where he met Lil Wayne and began his whole career, as well as where he sold out his first gig.


Austin City limits was the rapper’s final show of the year, and he definitely pulled out the big guns for it. Skipping around the stage, looking more bulked up than ever, his set was not just an audience-pleaser, it also had people talking about how Drake really shone at the festival. He split the audience in two and had them scream back every other line during ‘Crew Love’.

But one of the best parts of his set was the surprise appearance by J.Cole. “I don’t know if my mother had two kids that I don’t know about, but this my brother for real,” said Drake. “This one of the greatest guys that I know in my life. Anytime I call him, he’s there for me.” Drake has definitely arrived in 2015, and we can’t wait to see him perform next year.


(All images via: Austin City Limits Festival/Facebook)