Coming out with a gorgeous boutique for ravers around the world, Tomorrowland surprises us yet again.

In the last few years, Tomorrowland has expanded into the massive brand that it is now. Globally acknowledged as the largest EDM festival in the world, the Tomorrowland franchise has expanded even further, now opening a store in Antwerp, Belgium. This is an exciting development for the People of Tomorrow, who can now buy merchandise made by the festival.

The boutique is only open for three months, so there isn’t too much time! Head there quickly to get your hands on the range of clothing, limited edition items, and a “memory lane”, which takes fans on the Tomorrowland journey through the years, experiencing its growth. The boutique kicked off with a pre-party that had drinks, fashion shows and music, and even had free entry!

Discover the brand new TML FW1516 Fashion Collection, designed in Antwerp for the People of Tomorrow, and some limited edition collectors’ items. Get a fashionable cocktail at the bar and go down memory lane in the Tomorrowland History Room,” said Tomorrowland about the boutique. “The Tomorrowland Boutique, in the pounding heart of the fashion district of Antwerp, the capital of fashion in Belgium. This unique concept store is open for only 3 months. Make sure to visit this magical experience.”

Check it out:

boutique1 boutique2 boutique4 boutique5 boutique6


(All images via: Tomorrowland Boutique/Facebook)