If you’re finding it impossible to immerse yourself in your daily life after a phenomenal festival weekend. 

After a weekend full of incredible music and mind-addling experiences, it’s almost hard to remember how you lived your day-to-day life. Apart from the physical exhaustion these few days of madness leave behind, there’s also the dread that comes with the your impending return to daily life. Music festivals tend to have this effect on us, therefore, the Sherp is here with his virtual medical kit in hand to cure your insufferable and downright stubborn festival hangover.

Follow these easy steps to help you deal with the mundane-ness of ordinary life after a spectacular festival weekend.


1. The answer to everything: Comfort food. 

Stock up! there’s isn’t anything that comfort food can’t cure.



2. Make a post-festival playlist.

Pick out your favourite songs from the festival or even in general and get the feels out of your system. This is your de-tox period.



3. Binge-watch something.

The main goal here is distraction. Find a really good Netflix show– there’s no scarcity of those– and simply indulge. Losing yourself in a world of fiction is the best possible distraction, ever.



4. DO NOT dwell over the festival’s social media.

Whatever you do, do not keep going through the festival’s social media. This will only make you want to be there again. Why make things harder for yourself than they already are?



5. Instead, upload your own images of the fest on social media and be done with it.

This will give you the satisfaction of doing something other than simply staring at them. And a lot of people find that having their experiences up on mediums like Fcaebook and Instagram validates them. Go for it! Anything that helps you move on.



6. Host a low-key gathering. 

Don’t be holed up inside your bedroom like a hermit, that’s the perfect recipe for an existential crisis. Instead, call a couple of close friends over and have a drinks & Cards Against Humanity night. Socializing will help you remember that your daily life can be exciting as well.



7. Get inspired. 

One of the biggest problems after an incredible festival experience is the inability to get back to work or school or whatever your current obligation is. You will probably find yourself thinking, “What’s the point?” That’s your hangover talking. In this case, do something that is likely to get you inspired. Read a book, watch a documentary, paint, go for a run, you get the drift. It’s important to retain your enthusiasm about your work.



8. Transform your despair into creative expression.

If you have too much restless energy and the traveler in you doesn’t know how to deal with it when you’re at work or school or home, doing ordinary thing, give yourself a creative outlet. Whatever your forte is, grab hold of it and pour all that superfluous energy into it.