With summer slowly ebbing away, and the coolth setting in, you might be inclined to believe that the festival season is edging out. September proves otherwise!

If you’re itching to go festival-hopping this September, The USA, Europe and Asia have some incredible festivals on offer. Given how September sees the ascend of autumn, this might be a good time to make that trip happen!

1. Outlook Festival
Where: Pula, Croatia
When: September 2 to 6

Outlook, set in an abandoned fort perched above the Adriatic sea, next to a beach right near Pula, Croatia, is a festival featuring some incredible music from the enthused dance music scene from around the world, for a period of four days. Think beauty, some partying till the night drops dead, and some good bass music, brought in from the qualitative quarters of the genre, and it will be an electronic music gathering worth cheering.


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(Image Source: Outlook Festival Facebook)

2. Festival No. 6
Where : Portmeirion, UK
When : September 3 to 6

This exquisitely beautiful boutique festival organised in the lush green expanse of Portmeirion is a must-visit for numerous reasons – and that beautiful music lineup is just one of them. The 2015 edition features the likes of Mark Ronson, Belle & Sebastian, Metronomy, James Bay and the 2 Bears to name a few. This in addition to the festival’s brilliant selection of performance and visual art, gourmet food, river facing expanse, and intimate gatherings, making it a breathtaking affair.

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(Images source : Festival No. 6 Facebook)

3. Sonic Boom
Where : Edmonton, AB, Canada
When : September 5 to 6

Edmonton city’s musical night out, the two day festival of Sonic Boom packs in enough punch with its selection of acts from the alternative music scene. With names like Ellie Goulding, Hozier, Tenacious D, TV on the Radio, The Flaming Lips, Toko Police Club and Brandon Flowers on the lineup, it’s no surprise that the festival has music fans excited to the T. Happening in the centre of the city, here is a city based festival to watch out!

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(Image source: Sonic Boom Facebook)


4. X Fest
Where: Calgary, AB, Canada
When : September 5 to 6

The first weekend of September is surely one where alternative music is going to be hailed and celebrated in the province of Alberta, Canada. In addition to Sonic Boom, the X Fest in another part of Alberta, in the city Calgary, which is sharing the same lineup as the former. Making alternative music a provincial affair.

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(image source: X Fest Calgary Facebook)

5. Bestival
Where : Isle of Wight, UK
When : September 10 to 13

This British festival is counted as one among the very best; having won several festival awards in the past. Held at the beautiful Robin Hill Country Park at Isle of Wight brings together great music, attendees pulling off some impressive costume games, and an independent, intimate vibe that is unparalleled by other large scale events. This year’s lineup features Missy Elliot, Duran Duran, Tame Impala, Mark Ronson, Jamie XX, The Chemical Brothers, Flying Lotus, Skrillex and more.

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(Images source : Bestival Facebook)

6. Lollapalooza Berlin
Where: Berlin, Germany
When : September 12 to 13

Lollapalooza is a music festival that makes great contribution to pop culture, and on its premier visit to the continent across the ocean, it will be delivering its first European edition from Berlin, Germany. And the lineup, like true Lollapalooza style is top notch. With names like Muse, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Sam Smith, Fatboy Slim, Belle & Sebastian, Tame Impala and Run the Jewels, Lollapalooza Berlin is a must-do during your German vacay!

(Image source: Lollapalooza Berlin Facebook)

7. Groove Fest
Where: Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic
When : September 11 to 13

Experience the best of Caribbean culture as you immerse yourself in 4-days worth of tropical beauty. There’s the beach, the right kind of juices that make an afternoon at the beach worth it, a collection of some very enthused dance music, and a great gourmet culture. All this makes the Groove Fest absolutely worth grooving over. It’s a party that you cannot miss.

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(Image source: Groove Fest Facebook)

8. Horst Music and Arts Festival
Where: Belgium,
When: September 11 to 12

Music and art amalgamates to make a singular, spell-binding unit with the Horst Music and Arts Festival. It’s where some immaculately selected underground electronic music comes to light, along with visual artists having a field play with the broadened spectrum offered to them. The festival is also ridiculously gorgeous, held in the lush green of Belgium’s hinterland, making it an experience for the true art-seeker.

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(Image Source: Horst Music and Arts Festival Facebook)

9. Oasis Festival
Where: Morocco
When: September 11 to 13

When it comes to picturesque music festivals, one automatically pictures a European beachside or a hilly gathering and seldom do we ever see Africa in the picture. A stunning new Moroccan festival scheduled for this September is looking like it’s going to be up there with the best. The Oasis Festival will take place at Fellah Hotel in Marrakech, a stunning hotel complex set against the backdrop of the Atlas Mountains. The festival’s stages and activities will exist throughout the hotel’s pools and villas, making for a festival site that’s nothing short of an oasis. They have a bunch of activities to complement the music as well

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(Image source: Oasis Festival Facebook)

10. LouFest
Where : St. Louis, MO
When: September 12 to 13

Even though summer’s heading out, LouFest organised at St. Louis will have you feeling it all the same. A musical gathering involving people of all age groups, national and local musical talent, indie markets involving local sellers, environmental preservation efforts, selection of gourmet food, kids’ zone and the likes. All this while you enjoy music from the kinds of Billy Idol, Brandon Flowers, Hozier, Ludacris and Young The Giant, among others.

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(Image source: LouFest Facebook)

11. Labyrinth Festival
Where: Japan
When: September 13 to 15

The Summer Sonic Festival is an annual two- or three-day rock festival held at the same time in Osaka and Chiba. The majority of the bands playing in Osaka the first day go to Chiba the following day and vice versa. The line-up contains many Japanese rock musicians from both major and indie record companies, and also international acts. It also operates the festival Sonicmania, with an EDM focus, since 2011.

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(Image source: Labyrinth Facebook)

12. Symbiosis Gathering
Where: Oakdale, CA
When : September 17 to 20

Symbiosis Gathering is September’s festival for some serious soul search. Echoing the sentiments of Sonic Bloom and Wakarusa, Symbiosis, as the name suggests is all about availing some profundity with a pure festival experience in tow. People dress up to the best of their creative abilities, there is a confluence of art, music and transformational learning, and there exists liberated self-expression. Plus, the festival is deeply environmentally conscious, making heading there a lot more peaceful a process.

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(Image source: Symbiosis Gathering Facebook)

13. Kaaboo
Where: San Diego, CA
When : September 18 to 20

Beach festivals often get raw and care-free, and are rightly a lot of fan. But for once, don’t you wish it had certain elegance to it all? Well, combining the sit-down sooth of a wine-sipping international and local chef catering facet to the sunny, adventurous rawness of the beach lifestyle along with a line-up that boasts of The Killers, Foster The People, Snopp Dogg, Ben Harper and The Innocent Criminals and The Roots. This along the banks of picturesque California, and there is nothing to not love.

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(Image source: Kaaboo Facebook)

14. Telluride Blues and Brews
Where: Telluride, CO
When: September 18 to 20

For fans of beer and music, the Telluride Blues and Brews Festival is the one stop to everything they want. Taking place in the scenic Telluride town, the festival will welcome you to its selection of micro-breweries offering the best kind of beer you’ve yearned for. Featuring artists like Greg Allman, Taj Mahal Trio, The Blind Boys of Alabama and The London Souls, among others, this makes for the quintessential American experience.

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(Image source: Telluride Blues and Brews Facebook)

15. Ultra Singapore
Where: Singapore
When: September 19

Ultra Music Festival is truly stepping up their game this year. Having already announced two more editions in Bolivia and Paraguay, they’re not stopping at South America. Ultra’s Asian invasion will now be heading to Singapore. A one evening festival in its debut, the festival features performances by Skrillex, Alesso and Nicky Romero. Quite the start!

10431517_810120732439622_3746652300161653604_n(Image source: Ultra Singapore Facebook)

16. Mint Festival
Where: Wetherby Racecourse, Leeds
When: September 19 to 20

The lush green of the Wetherby Racecourse will see an interesting mix of music this September with the Mint Festival. The organisers behind some of UK’s finest parties can and should be trusted with organised a fine music festival, and as the lineup goes, they seem to be on track. It features names like Jamie Jones, Skepta, Skream, wAFF and more.

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(Image source: Mint Festival Facebook)

17. Decibel Music Festival
Where: Seattle, WA
When: September 23 to 27

The Decibel Festival in Seattle, Washington, USA, has established itself as one of the premier electronic music festivals in the world.  Now in its 12th year, it continues its advance to the upper echelon of live music productions with over 100 artistes representing over 20 countries. Seattle really comes alive during Decibel with around 25000 participants, spectators and visitors attending. The features workshops, shows, conferences and pop-up art displays and of course, the music. To have massively popular headliners is not a mantra Decibel follows. Over the years, Decibel has provided a platform for talented artistes before they got famous like James Blake, Deadmau5, Jon Hopkins and Lorde making it an event you go to to discover new music.

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18. Summer Ends
Where: Tempe, AZ
When: September 24 to 27

The names that dominate Summer Ends festival’s lineup is every bit worth drooling over. Kanye West, Hozier, J. Cole, Big Sean, Travis Scott, Chance The Rapper and Brandon Flowers are just some of them. This, considering that the festival is in its nascent stages is extremely impressive, making it one to surely check out.

11896084_1122869047727290_7492268619207288694_n(Image source: Summer Ends Facebook)

19. Life Is Beautiful
Where: Las Vegas, NV
When: September 25 to 27

Life is Beautiful is so much more than just a music festival. It is a festival that inspires social change, calling out to people to conquer their fears. They have a learning series involving talks by social innovators, game changers and artists sharing wonderful anecdotes from their journeys. This coupled with music involving the likes of Imagine Dragons, Kendrick Lamar, Stevie Wonder, Hozier, Snoop Dogg, Major Lazer, Death Cab For Cutie, Brandon Flowers, Chance The Rapper, to name a few.

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(Image source: Life is Beautiful Facebook)

20. Landmark Music Festival
Where: Washington, DC
When: September 26 to 27

The aging National Mall has been a monumental place for some of the most historical events in America. It is the site where the famous Martin Luther King ‘I have a dream’ speech took place, and also houses the country’s most recognizable monuments, historical buildings built in the memory of various American heroes. But unfortunately, the place hasn’t been renovated for over 40 years. The Landmark Music Festival, to be held on September 26-27, has been kickstarted to direct attention and possible funds towards the heritage site, by using music as the instrument of togetherness.

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(Image source: Landmark Festival Facebook)