Have you ever sat in a toilet, wondering, what’s going on outside? 

See Through Loo

(Image Courtesy: Orzzzz)

Rumour has it, that at Glastonbury 2015 – in association with not-for-profit organisation WaterAid, and as part of their ‘Make It Happen’ campaign, the loos are going to be a bit more eclectic than usual.

Dubbed the “Loo With A View”, this innovative little two-way-mirrored cubicle lets users sit in the comfort of their ‘business area’, and enjoy the sight of the Pyramid Stage at the festival; which just means that you can see what’s on the outside, but no one can look inside. Though this might sound like an aesthetic improvement, it is also for a cause which tries to ensure people some level of privacy and comfort at a festival where there’s thousands of individuals at every turn.

Glastonbury Festival

Apart from safety and comfort, the Make It Happen campaign aims to gain signatures on a petition to ensure the access to toilets and other similar facilities to everyone by 2030!

Not only have they installed these “Loos With Views”, but also other eco-friendly, compost loos, and many many more famous ‘Long-Drops’ hoping to create a sustainable, environmentally conscious and friendly festival experience for all attendees!

Let’s hope to see you, in the Glastonbury Loo (jk).