A horrifying festival in China slaughters nearly 10,000 stolen dogs each year. Here’s what you can do to stop this madness. 

dog2(Image Courtesy: newrepublic.com)

There are eleven countries in the world that have legalized the sale and trade of dog meat. But nowhere in the world, is there a so called ‘festival’ that is dedicated to serving man’s best friend on a plate as the one in Yulin, southern China. Thousands of stolen cats and dogs are slaughtered at this annual event, and in spite of receiving plenty of opposition, the government has still not called for bringing this disgusting festival to an end.

dog1(Image Courtesy: chinadaily.com.cn)

Over the past month, the hashtag #StopYulin2015 has been trending all over the internet calling for the abandonment of this medieval practice. An online petition has also been set up by an animal welfare organization called Duo Duo. Although local authorities claim that they do not endorse this slaughter, a number of undercover operations have revealed what actually goes down in the streets of China as you can see in the video below:

Man’s best friend has become an affluent taste in China over the past few decades, and its time we bring this barbaric act to an end. It’s essential that we spread word about this massacre before June 22– the date the festival has been scheduled to kick off this year.