The electro-house Dutch DJ’s recap video captures the other-wordliness of the recently concluded Nevada festivity

When you have close to 60,000 people spending 7 days in the Nevada Desert at a event dedicated to revelry and debauchery in the name of self-exploration,  interesting videos and pictures are bound to pop up.

Over the years, Burning Man participants have created some of the best after movies we’ve seen on the internet, with some using even drones and other technology to deliver the surreal experience of this festival on video.

This year, a video by Dutch producer Sander van Doorn (who was one of the participants at this year’s Burning Man) caught our eye. This after-movie is the perfect encapsulation of the festival, with visuals of massive art installations from the inside and the outside. You can also spot some fantastic aerial shots of the participants and nigh-time revellers at the festival – all this while a upbeat mix of Dave Rosario’s Ketanissa plays in the background.

The film was shot and filmed by Jorrit Monne. Take a look.