The Marco Polo German Bierfest is Asia’s longest-running outdoor Oktoberfest; this year will mark its 23rd consecutive year  

bierfest cover(Image Courtesy: Marco Polo Bierfest Facebook)

The Bavarian beer extravaganza Oktoberfest is nearly upon us. Millions from around the world flock to Munich each October for 16 days of the world’s largest beer festival. The original Oktoberfest started way back in 1810 and was a five-day affair, from October 12-17. As the years passed, the festival grew, and what started off as a relatively small celebration in Bavaria is now a festival recognised by millions.

bierfest5(Image Courtesy: Marco Polo Bierfest Facebook)

Closer to home, Hong Kong has been celebrating its very own Oktoberfest at the Marco Polo German Bierfest for 22 years. The Bierfest is the largest in Asia, and last year more than 53,000 people attended.

bierfest4(Image Courtesy: Marco Polo Bierfest Facebook)

Marco Polo German Bierfest will kick-off from October 17  and run till November 8, 2014. The celebrations will be held under the giant open-air marquee, a comfortable venue to enjoy the bierfest overlooking stunning Victoria Harbour.

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This year’s edition will feature a special edition beer, Löwenbräu Oktoberfestbier, which has more flavour than regular brews. It is the same traditional beer that has been served in every single Oktoberfest in the Lowenbrau tent at the annual Munich Oktoberfest celebration since 1810. Make sure you grab this limited edition beer at the bierfest – only 200 glasses are available each night.

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So gear yourselves for 23 days of exotic food, live German music, and plenty of beer. The event will be held at the Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel, Kowloon. You can buy your passes HERE.