The band has an announcement to make and it’s going to be a unique one.

The British rock and roll band Rolling Stones are hinting at a new album filled with blues covers all over social media and it’s going to happen today!

A ten second clip was released hinting at a huge surprise for the 6th of October and it seems like its going to be a completely different sound than one we’re used to from the band. Mick Jagger has too been hinting at the different sound in the same cryptic manner. The men can be seen practising in a studio and recording the tracks in a seemingly open environment. Check them out:

This is the first time they’ve had material out since the 2005 release “A Bigger Bang”. Their producer Don Was also mentioned that the album takes on Chicago blues songs. They also recorded the whole album within 3 days with no studio touch-ups and have kept it as authentic as possible. Guitar God Eric Clapton also joined the band for a jam session as he was recording his own album in the adjacent studio.

The band just recently surprised 1,200 truck drivers with a live show in Las Vegas earlier this week. They’re also set to perform at the Desert Trip Festival in Idaho along with other legends like Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, Roger Waters and Neil Young.

We’re waiting for the news finally drops. Till then sit tight.