Donn Bhatt is all set to perform his new album ‘Connected’ for the first time since its release at AntiSocial, Khar, Mumbai on the 7th October! 

Mumbai-based producer and performer, Donn Bhatt, released him new album ‘Connected‘ last week and we have to say it’s impossible to not put the tracks on loop. Donn has always been known for making music that is not easy to categorise into a single genre. ‘Connected’ sees the third album in his discography after his debut album ‘One Way Circle‘ and ‘Passenger Revelator‘ in 2014. The new album, like the previous one, sees him dabbling in varying genres like funk, electronica, Indian folk and funk rock.

His third album also sees him collaborating with some of his long-time friends, vocalist Toymob aka Ashhar Farooqui, percussionist Anand Bhagat and Indian classical musician and sarangi player Suhail Yusuf Khan. All in all, ‘Connected’ is a seamless blend of genres and varying tempos created to give the perfect vibe.

Donn Bhatt is going to be performing his album at AntiSocial, Khar, Mumbai on the 7th October. He’s going to be performing with his live band Passenger Revelator! Make sure you also catch the opening acts: BITMAP and M. Map! Head over to the event page for more details!

This one is going to be a truly immersive and eclectic performance that you should not miss!