Here’s a roundup of which acts really stood out at 2012’s Storm Festival

Storm Festival has been in the forefront for being one of the very few festivals to offer music with a healthy dose of camping, nature, adventure, and everything in between. Having delivered impeccably with an array of artists till date, here’s a look at some of the best acts that took the stage at the festival and managed to perform at par with expectations.

1.     Indian Ocean

The highlight of this year’s Storm Festival, Indian Ocean, were all set to grace the stage on the second day,and these boys knew what they were doing. Formed in the 90’s, Indian Ocean played a vital role in shaping the local rock scene since their inception. Bringing in an eclectic fusion of rock with local elements and pairing that with some brilliant vocals, Indian Ocean have always retained a reputation for being able to captivate their audience. Plus Shankar Mahadevan did a guest performance with them.

2.     Raghu Dixit Project

A folk-rock artist who has taken the scene by storm and can be considered to be the torchbearer of today’ Indian music scene, Raghu Dixit Project has been delivering one hit after another. A set consisting of groovy songs that’ll make you sing along and a jovial stage-presence, Raghu Dixit won’t disappoint. He had everyone on their feet, singing along in the manner he usually does.

3.     Agnya

Agnya is what you get when you take a plutonic amalgamation of a Carnatic Veena, a bass, drums, and keys and blend it together to deliver some high-octane music. Uplifting in its own aural way, Agnya dishes out some world-class fusion music that’ll soothe your souls and strum the right chords while they’re at it.

4.     Siddharth Basrur

The frontman known from the Kinky Ski Munky days and currently heading Goddess Gagged has been a major contributor to the ever-growing Mumbai rock scene is gearing up to launch his debut solo album. And this time around, he titillated stormers with his brilliant voice! Head for his set to unwind and get lost in his silk-woven words.

5.     Dash Berlin

The Dutch are known to produce some of the best electro artists the world has witnessed, and Dash Berlin is no exception. A trance DJ, DB has been voted as the #7 most popular DJ in the world, so rest assured, we know he’d be delivering a stellar performance churning out some of his all-time chartbusters and awakening the party-animal in you. One of the fastest rising names in the trance circuit, expect a powerpacked set from DB!

6.     Advaita

These chaps set the country on fire when they nailed ‘Ghir Ghir’ in MTV’s Coke Studio, and since then they’ve been exploding all over like maniacs. GIMA Award winners, Advaita are well aware of the power they pack in their punches. These boys with their suave and sophisticated demeanour swooped the crowd off their feet as always.

7.     Michael Woods

A biggie from the U.K., Michael Woods has been a household name for everything house. A DJ known to spin some of the best progressive and electro house, Woods knows how to have a good time. Specializing in remixes, Woods is more famously known to recreate the magic of some of the biggest tracks out there; From Deadmau5 to Lady Gaga, Woods has spun it all so naturally he delivered a set worthy of the crowd’s expectations.