Need an introduction to Skream & Benga’s world? Algorhythm takes you on a bass-heavy trip through time. 

Algorhythm (Varun Patra & Paloma Monnappa) has traversed a long distance in a short span of time. What started as more of a side-project–fiddling around behind the console and dishing out their rather reputed taste in music to innocent dancers/gig-goers–now sees them gear up for the mother of all gigs. Opening for the pioneering dubstep duo Skream & Benga in the Mumbai leg of their India tour is no small feat for the glitch-loving childhood friends.

 Massive Skeam & Benga fans themselves, we got one half of the duo, Varun Patra, to deconstruct their music a bit. Here’s Patra’s essential playlist of sorts for anyone who requires any sort of introduction to UK’s bass giants.


1. Skream – “Midnight Request Line”

This was one of the very 1st dubstep tracks, so much so that it was ill-defined as to what genre it would be boxed in. Skream is really one of the ultimate pioneers. His UK Garage influences led to what we call Dubstep. Of course, artists like Benga, Kode9, Coki , Joker and other such guys played a huge part in the dubstep scene too.


2. Benga & Coki – “Night”

This one’s really old but complete gold. It was one of the first tracks I ever heard and I think most people are just immediately blown away by it even on the first listen.


3. Skream & Benga: “The Judgement”

The start alone is badass enough to keep you pumped up all the way through the drops. It’s particularly powerful in its tone and the darker melodies that provide the undercurrent really work for me.


 4. Skream – Nefariousa

This one just scream ‘Skream’ (pardon the pun). There’s no getting around his insane beat arrangement and it maintains that edge from more old-school dubstep without sounding too heavy.


5. Benga & Kano – Forefather

Once again, old-school. Incredible vocal arrangements too. It just has this grimy, dirty feel almost that just makes you want to move.