The Bacardi NH7 Weekender is an experience so much more than just the diverse collective of music they have to offer! The Sherp chronicles everything that lies beyond the music.

Flying Lotus, Mogwai, A.R. Rahman, L. Subramaniam, Mark Ronson and SBTRKT are just some of the names touted to perform at the upcoming edition of Bacardi NH7 Weekender. If those are not reasons strong enough to get you to buy a Weekender pass, then let it go, not. So if you’re not much of a music fan and/or the Weekender’s lineup is not your cup of tea, why must you go anyway, you ask? Because we have several other reasons that are testament to Weekender being the perfect experience for you to hit up!

Hear us out.

The Weekender Bazaar

For lovers of patterns, kitsch, vintage souvenirs, and all things cool, Weekender’s Bazaar is a paradise of clinquant artifacts. Handpicked from several innovative Homegrown designers and merchants, the Bazaar lets you pick everything, from the long lost Jazz Vinyl you’ve been searching, to a hep new bag from the collector’s item. They’ve got you entirely covered. And the fact that Flea Market lies at the crossroad between the various stages, lets you stray, and not feel guilty about it.

IMG_6519-1000x666(Credit: Harsimran Basra)


The Food

If it wasn’t for the great music, you’d find us the NH7 Weekender’s food centre throughout. With the delectable collective of food vendors, there is no surprise that you will always find the Weekender’s food zone overflowing with people at all times. From Hokey Pokey icecream to appetising fare from Woodside Inn to scrumptious pizzas from Bubsterr’s, Weekender has you covered, entirely.




If Bacardi is the main sponsor for an event, how would one ever go parched. An offer of great drinks await you at the several Bacardi counters in and around the Weekender Arena. But it’s not just the liquor that the great pull. It’s the general emotion of revelry that surrounds it, and of course the Bacardi mugs, that you will find for long after dangling from bags and pants alike. They’re genuine Weekender souvenirs, and everyone wants to go away with one.




We can imagine how daily monotony can render your garb dull. If you’re a fan of having that fashionable getaway once in a while, Weekender is a good place to play fun with clothes. Weekender fans turn up in the choicest, hippest, fanciest and coolest outfits, making their experience as fashion-forward as it can be. One visit to Weekender and you’ll find yourself in the company of some impressively good dressers.

Weekender Fans

Weekender fans may have gotten younger in the past few years, but that’s only testament to how far seeped the festival is in India’s pop culture sentiment. If not for the music, then for the people; your weekender visit will be every bit as delightful. New friendships are forged, old ones are strengthened, as you interact with some of the coolest people from the country, you’d feel lucky meeting some like-minded folk. After all, it is the fans that make Weekender as awesome as it really is.



Ferris Wheel

The Ferris Wheel is one of Weekender’s prized assets; one that not only gives everyone who sits on it a glorified overview of the entire festival at large, but one that looks over the festival like an able cornerstone. As people constantly await turns to have one magnificent go on the wheel, you will come to realise that Weekender is an experience where you immerse yourself in everything lighthearted and fun.

Weekender Vibes

Let’s face it. The Bacardi NH7 Weekender is the happiest festival in India for a reason. Music or not, it’s where people from everywhere come together to have a go at all those moments that are elusive otherwise. From food to fashion to friendship, Weekender makes way for experiences that prove the perfect getaway from daily routine. So whether you’re a music fan or not, if you’re itching for that perfect mini adventure, then Weekender is for you.


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