If you think your dogs name is too mainstream, think again.

Musicians are God sent for those who love to get lost in the music, no matter what genre. People honour their favourite artist by getting a tattoo, attending every concert etc. but not all of them fit the conventional bracket.

Take a look at the most random things which have been named after musicians

1. Beyonce: House Fly

(Credits: Daily Mail UK)

Yes, Scaptia beyonceae is a house fly named so because of its golden tipped abdomen which is said to resemble Beyonce’s glorious derriere. Well, its body is bootylicious, that’s for sure!

2. Lady Gaga: Wasp

(Credits: The Guardian)

Sticking to the fly family, Mother Monster was the inspiration for this wasp found in Thailand. Was it the outfits or the unique speed of the wasp that added to the name?

3. Jay Z: Social Science Course

(Credits: galuxee.com)

Georgetown’s ‘Sociology of Hip-Hop — Urban Theodicy of Jay-Z’ — is a social science course offered to Georgetown students on everything Jay-Z. It focuses on the social impact his music and lyrics have had in society. Sign me up now!

4. Justin Timberlake: Sandwich

(Credits: HooplaHa)

The Suit and Thai sandwich from HooplaHa, symbolises the singers musical journey using ramen noodles, bak choy and ribs. It is drool-worthy and easy to make!

5. Bob Marley: Crustacean

(Credits: Fox News)

‘Gnathia marleyi’ is a small parasite that can only be found in the Caribbean Sea, unique to them as Marley was. It feeds on the blood and flesh of fish but besides that it looks pretty cool.

6. Madonna: Organism

(Credits: Tardigrates 101)

‘Echiniscus madonnae’ is a species of Tardigrade, a microscopic water-dwelling organism also known as “water bears” or “moss piglets”. The Tardigrade can survive for 120 years without water or food and withstand temperatures ranging from absolute zero to above the boiling point of water. Resilient and long lasting like the hit maker.

7. Justin Bieber: Weed

(Credits: Flickr)

JB Kush is a hybrid strain of cannabis named after Bieber. Initially the young singer wasn’t thrilled to have an illegal substance being named after him, but with his latest shenanigans, we’re pretty sure he’s proud of it

8. Greenday: Plant

(Credits: Wikipedia)

‘Macrocarpaea dies-viridis’, a species of night-blooming flowers is named after the rock band. Harvard researchers bestowed the name “dies-viridis” (Latin for “green day”) upon this species after listening to the band while driving through Ecuador on their research trips and we approve of the playlist.

9. Britney Spears: Government Bill

(Credits: nelive.com)

The anti-paparazzi bill called “The Britney Spears Law” was dismissed by the Congress but was named so during the pop icon’s struggle with a meltdown and with the paparazzi following her every move. Anyone would lose their cool with the constant flashes of the cameras.

10. Sting: Frog

(Credits: Blue Animal Bio)

‘Dendropsophus stingi’ is a frog found in Columbia and is a tribute to Sting’s constant effort toward safeguarding the rain forests. This little thing is tiny as hell but manages to look cute, until it croaks.


Would you want to be remembered in such unconventional ways?