Gear up for the dazzling night at Bollywood Music Project with Papon.

Assamese rockstar Angarag Mahanta aka Papon is all set to dazzle audiences at the Bollywood Music Project, a congregation of Indian music’s finest contributors. And it would only be fitting if we highlight some of his most mesmerising pieces of art in this carefully curated playlist.

1. Khumaar 

As aptly described by the YouTube description of this one, “This solo by Papon will definitely turn out to be one of the highlights of his set this year(2013), for its simple purity and elegance; a song his band executes to perfection.” Indeed, Papon’s honesty is delivered beautifully when he utters the gorgeous syllables on this piece. “Magical” is only an understatement.

2. Kaun Mera

This beauty from Akshay Kumar’sSpecial 26” has astoundingly soothing arrangements and Papon’s soul stirring vibe that envelops any listener’s mind.

3. O Megh

This Dewarists release has a beautiful theme to it, a common trait among Dewarist numbers. The lyrics exemplify the moral dilemma faced by a child as he leaves his mother to go play with the clouds. Originally written by the great Rabindranath Tagore, Papon breathes evergreen life into the poem.

4. Jiyein Kyun

This heart-wrenching Papon track from the 2011 “Dum Maaro Dum” is one of our favourites. It has an opening chord progression very similar to Coldplay’s “Fix You”, but possesses it’s own charm as the drum kit comes in. Also, Prateik Babbar was fabulous in this one.

5. Dinae Dinae

Fairly upbeat, Dinae Dinae’s instrumental coming together is truly astounding, as are all Coke Studio performances in general. But the heart of this folk song is provided by Papon and his Punjabi partner Harshdeep Kaur; sort of like a fusion of western and classical. You have to stay glued to this one to truly enjoy it.

6. Benaam Khwaayishein

Papon’s poetic genius can be accredited to his lineage – the late Keshav Mohanta, who was also his uncle. Benaam Khwaayishein is a beautifully composed track. And although Papon lets his vocals take some rest here, Anwesha’s nightingale-ish voice slides through the instrumentals like a hot knife through butter.

7. Boitha Maro Re

Papon’s live performance skills are in full flow in this clip from goMAD 2012, as his East India Company collective dishes out a funky, almost punk rock performance with a touch of Papon’s crowd mingling skills.

8. Kyon

Composed by Pritam, this song features some of Papon’s smoothest lyrical delivery and the childish honesty conveyed through his voice. Sounding almost nursery rhyme like, Papon’s versatility as a singer is so beautifully displayed here.

9. Sun Le Re

Aptly described as one of the “most powerful” voices in India, Papon oozes class in this Madras Café gem. Shantanu Moitra and Papon seem to be a combination for the ages.

10. Tauba

Another fine example of his versatility, this catchy number from Coke Studio season 3 is sung by the incredible Benny Dayal, with guitarist Kalyan Baruah, giving us a taste of Carlos Santana-ish solos.

If we’ve got you pumped up with just a few tracks, imagine the magnitude of watching him live at Bollywood Music Project. So get your tickets here