Why wouldn’t you want to go on a wild run covered in mud and have the time of your life?

The Mud Rush 2016 took place at Film City in Mumbai and it was glorious. Participants not only showed off their incredible strength throughout the obstacle course, but also had tons of fun rolling around in the mud-filled ground. The event was filled with kids, older individuals and adults; all participating in groups and having a good time. Take a look at what happened at the event:

1. Caste and crew of the movie Doctor Rakhmabai -Tannishtha Chatterjee, Santosh Juvekar, Director Ananth Mahadevan and Producer Swapna Patkar, flag off the race.

2. And its off with a bang.

3. Some contestants are a little more excited than the others (He’s 77 years old!)

4. People got together and had a gala time.

5. And took tons of pictures while they were at it.

6. Don’t mind them; they’re just monkeying around.

7. And it keeps continuing.

8. There were those who took it very seriously.

9. “Take it quickly, too much mud in my eye.”

10. This one’s scaling to newer heights.

11. Check out the grit on this one.

12. They’re bleeding blue.

13. Teamwork is essential.

14. You need some serious gymnastic skills for that pointed toe.

15. The view from the top

(All images courtesy: The Mud Rush)

From the looks of it, people got exactly what they signed up for. Happy faces everywhere; says a lot doesn’t it.