This is how you start a weekend!

Eli Biton, better known as Pixel, is one of the most authentic Israeli PsyTrance producers and a regular visitor to Goa every season. He was previously seen at his show in Chennai and now he’s playing at Kitty Su, New Delhi tomorrow!

His impressive collaborations with leading artists such as Astrix, Domestic, Tristan, Freedom Fighters and many more and now his recent release “Here & There” EP has broken a record of sales with all 3 tracks entering Beatport’s Top 10 chart.


Kitty Su is one of the best nightlife venues we know and the night with Pixel’s music is going to be a classy cocktail of fun and frolic! Get ready to jump in for a psychedelic music where he is going to be supported by fantastic acts such as Audiogramme, Viruslab, Pulse, and Spiritual Demons.

Pixel’s DJ skills have been praised world wide and he is regarded as a legend in Psytrance community, everywhere.