It’s a homecoming for Nucleya in the grandest way possible.

There’s no denying that Nucleya’s rise to fame has been nothing short of exceptional. In fact, he can easily be considered one of the best-known musicians in the country. In spite of being born and raised in Ahmedabad, a city not particularly known for its thriving bass music scene, the star paved his own way to the top, starting off with Bandish Projekt, before he even finished school!

Over the course of time and after shifting base a couple of times, Nucleya has both experimented and changed his sound multiple times, eventually branching out as a solo performer and establishing himself as a prominent name in the Indian electronic music scene. In just a span of four years, Nucleya has released two EPs and two albums as well as filled a stadium to capacity in what can be only be described as one of the most ground-breaking performances in the country. Not to forget, he released an album and performed a street gig during  Ganesh Chaturthi in Mumbai.

Now, it looks like the star is coming back come for an epic homecoming show for the ‘The Red Bull Tour Bus’ gig, an event that will witness his biggest performance in the city yet. Currently residing in Goa, Nucleya will be joining two of the Indian hip-hop scene’s brightest young stars, rapper Divine and rapper/MC/poet Naezy as well as his recurring collaborators as he lights the city of Ahmedabad on fire on the 18th of March.


Divine approaches music from a real and hard-hitting standpoint as a result of his childhood spent in the ‘gullies’ of Mumbai. Although his lyrics are exclusively personal and consequently inherently ‘street’, Divine has a rather international sound that has seen him grow in popularity in a short time.

Like Divine, Naezy’s influences also draw from his childhood, having grown up in the ‘ghetto’, surrounded by challenging experiences all the way. Using music as his means of expression, Naezy raps about the absurdities surrounding life and everything he sees around him.


What’s great, the Red Bull Tour Bus gig will also form a part of a film called ‘Ride To The Roots’. Ride To The Roots will be a look back at one of India’s most established musicians and will take Nucleya on a journey as he retracts his roots, back home in Ahmedabad, reliving the experiences that brought him to where he is today in the world. Through the magic of retold tales of people and places, the film will introduce fans to a side of the artist’s life that, although documented, remains largely uncharted from within.

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