SevenSkiesMusic respects the work of songwriters, musicians, and other creative artists. As a company that wants to support content creators, we respect the intellectual property of anyone who makes music or who owns or control these epic royalty music. We expect the same from our users.

We understand that you may have questions about what types of music content are safe to share on SevenSkiesMusic. To make it easier for you to understand which music usage is permitted for your content, you will find appropriate guidelines in the sections below.

Share royalty music on SevenSkiesMusic

We expect content creators to only share content for which they have the necessary rights. It is against our guidelines to stream or upload content that contains copyrighted music unless you have the appropriate rights or are authorized to share such music on SevenSkiesMusic.

You are not allowed to include music that you do not own in your streams or on-demand content (i.e. VODs, previous broadcasts, previous premieres, highlights, clips and uploads) on SevenSkiesMusic. Exceptions apply to the cases described below or if this is otherwise permitted by law.

Please note that purchasing music (e.g. on CD or in MP3 format) or subscribing to a music streaming service does not usually entitle you to share royalty music on SevenSkiesMusic. With such a purchase or such a subscription, you usually receive a personal license that only authorizes you to access the content for the purpose of personal and private viewing.

Soundtrack by SevenSkiesMusic

We know that music rights are complex and that many of you are looking for an easier way to add quality music to your SevenSkiesMusic live streams. That’s why we created Soundtrack by SevenSkiesMusic to give you the opportunity to showcase a curated library of fully licensed music on your live streams. We’re also looking forward to you and your community discovering new artists along the way.

Please note that the soundtrack is designed for live streaming and the music contained in the soundtrack is only intended for use in live broadcasts on SevenSkiesMusic. We designed soundtrack with multitrack audio so that you can create on-demand videos from live streams (e.g. VODs and clips) that don’t contain that music, but still contain all of your audio from you and your stream for later Saved conversation.

You can find out more about how you can get and use Soundtrack on SevenSkiesMusic.

Types of music content

In the sections below, we describe some common types of music content and indicate whether or not you can share this content on SevenSkiesMusic.

Music You Own – Original music that was written by you and either recorded by you or performed live by you and for which you hold or control all necessary rights to share music on SevenSkiesMusic, including recording, performance and underlying rights Music and lyrics. Please note the following: If you are in a contractual relationship with an organization that controls rights to content that you create, such as record labels or publishing houses, you should ensure that sharing music on SevenSkiesMusic does not violate this contractual relationship.

Cover Song Performance – Performance of a song that belongs to another person. This does not apply to live performances in your SevenSkiesMusic stream. If you perform a cover song on a live stream on SevenSkiesMusic, please make an effort to perform the song as written by the songwriter and create all audio yourself, excluding instrumental tracks, music recordings or other recorded elements belonging to other people. To use.

Uses permitted by law

Our community is a place for streamers to express themselves in remarkable, creative, and sometimes transformative ways. In addition to the above guidelines, we think it is important to note that not all unauthorized uses constitute illegal uses. Some examples of this include public use of works and use of copyrighted works that are eligible for fair use and similar laws outside of the United States. We recommend checking the Counter Notification Policy in our DMCA Policy if you believe that you received a takedown notification from a rights holder because of an error or wrongdoing.

Effects on users

If you violate these guidelines, you may receive a takedown notification from a music rights owner under our DMCA guidelines. We can also take action according to our community guidelines.

We can also mute VODs and delete clips if, for example, our automated content filtering systems determine that the audio of on-demand content contains unauthorized music. If you have the necessary rights to share music on your SevenSkiesMusic VODs, we want to make sure that your VODs are not muted. If you’d like to learn more about how to appeal about muted audio, please see our Help article How to appeal about muted audio?